From the point of destination, recognition markings agreed as this is on the border of the operational area. Fifteen towed convoys were sighted in Kronstadt Bay during the night. The dis-tinction between aplu and mru, ‘heir’ and ‘son’ respectively, is not always clear and I have used ‘son’ throughout. On 2 June a minesweeper was ordered to Gorodetzki. Thirty steamers and 14 escorts were sighted northeast of C? The advanced state of our knowledge is due to the researches of a small group of scholars, most notably E. The structure line 5 seems to be the same as that in A. From a trip to France with foreign Naval Attaches, the Naval Attache reports that they seemed very much impressed by the extent and the strength of the coastal fortifications.

One ferry burnt out. This text, on a stone object from Aur, is another description cf. On account of stormy weather no patrol, minesweeping or escort duties. Thus the idea for the present series was born. I deposited [my clay cone]. Chicago, London, and Toronto, S. Chief, Naval Staff orders that the permanent representative at the Fuehrer Headquarters again make a report to the Fuehrer. Although the orthography of the king’s name is not otherwise attested on cylinder seals, it does appear in other texts A.

The enemy attacked Pantelleria arcund noon with planes, of which five were shot down.

watfh Schroeder does not give the variant. I applied a facing to all of it from the great wall of Inner City as far as the River Tigris. The system of sign values in Borger, Zeichenliste, is followed. One cruiser and several destroyers were observed near Pantelleria.

This is an edition of a standard conclusion to most of Adad-nrr i’s building inscriptions from Aur. Simultaneously a fresh operation “Wunderland” Operation by cruisers in the Kara Sea is intended. However, great efforts are necessary to manufacture these two new submarine weapons, which have been ordered.

Much of the text could be collated from the published photo. It is certain that the enemy has considerably reinforced his patrol of the whole Atlantic and, besides direct escort for his convoys, has initiated additional control of the whole convoy route by air and naval forces.


Full text of “War diary : German Naval Staff Operations Division”

The boats are returning as they did not contact the enemy. Especially the very strong air cover everywhere with excellent location devices gave only a small number of. This text, on a clay cone fragment from Aur, seems to be another description of Aur-uba11it i’s work on New Palace and similar to A.

In the afternoon of 1 June a Spitfire appeared east of Kaf jord and one watcg of Langf jord. Thus only three dots appear in the scores for the relevant preserved lines.

This text appears on a piece of a chest, made of a hard white material porcelain? They were mostly suffered in the Bay of Biscay, on passage into the operational area, as well as in the operational area itself and in the waiting positions, A survey in War Diary, Part C. The broken stone is in the Louvre AO where the inscription was collated. New York, S. The group is being dispersed. MES ru-bu- ar-ku- 33 e-nu-ma ki-si-ir-tu i-i -al-ba-ru-ma 34 e-na-hu an-hu-sa lu-di-i. Belleten 14 [] pp. Organization and Mobilization Branch, Quartermaster Division has issued an order for preparation and withdrawal of batteries and personnel for special tasks of coastal defense.

Curiously, however, one text mentions tax exemp-tions A. Rpertoire gographique des texts cuniformes.

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May the dispersal of his land, the destruction wxpedition his people and his heirs be decreed by their weighty edict. Ex, 3 has not been collated and is known only from the published copy.

In the Voronka sector an enemy assault company was repelled. Photographic reconnaissance of La Valetta showed that not even one of the submarines sighted there on 29 May is still lying in port.


The order issued to the submarines no longer to submerge at the sudden appearance of enemy planes but ward off the attack, has proved to be very effective and has brought about the shooting down of several enemy planes.

Our batteries returned the fire. In this connection the Group reports that in the morning of 2 June a destroyer and a large torpedo boat will leave the west coast to render assistance.

This fact has special political significance since Spain will become even more dependent on imports from overseas. May he kill him, his people, and his seed.

There the reader who finds the notes on variants insufficient for his needs may check the full reading of any exemplar. The meaning of the temple’s translation bit qu has been much discussed but both von Soden. Escort duties were carried out without incident. The inscriptions, in a cuneiform script, are found on objects of various kinds including tablets, prisms, and vases of clay or steles, doorpost sockets, and sculpted wall panels of stone.

At the time of the original publication the cylinder seal bearing this text was in the Musum Peronne. In addition, Grant Frame spent months checking the final manuscript for accuracy. The seal is in the Louvre Aand measures 2.

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Commander, Minesweepers, Baltic reports details about the destruction of three submarines recently effected by naval landing watcch. I conquered, burnt, and destroyed the city Irridu and sowed salty plants over it.

I made it the thickness of ten bricks which were made in my large brick mould.