Well, I’m glad you guys could come here and help us. Now, this semelo cr. Hey, you guys ready this morning? And there was a boat that was coming in, And we saw this thing. Meanwhile, Bill’s team tries to recreate a video of triangular-shaped UFO in the night sky over Fremont, California , using LEDs mounted to a kite , a model jet plane and a hang glider. And eject the dummy. Ke ma itli lmak oo k s vi it l cure ngtlit at. Himself – Lead Scientist Austin Porter

I think it’s awesome. From all over the world that travel to the lake. Let’s put out some bait, see what we can get. I’m actually gonna eject the film now, one by one. Ben’s team goes to the Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona , to recreate a video that allegedly captured a figure of a man in a coffin appearing in a mirror. They were like, “oh, this is so cool.

Well, I’ve got the camera, so I’ll stay here. You guys ready to get wet? It’s possible some kind of odd-shaped log.

Of zooarchaeological laboratory at ucla. So, after speaking with the witnesses, We wanted to start on our of, The first one being the theory that it’s gonna be some type. Anything up from that area. It’s going in and out of screen on the sonar. So, I’ll take austin.

“Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” Off the Deep End/Houseguest (TV Episode ) – IMDb

And there was a boat that was coming in, And we saw this thing. Let’s go ry and see if we even have any bait left. So, you’d never heard anybody else talk about it? It leaves a residue when you watch the stuff drop down. Making sure that we’re all good. It’s not much that you’re bringing to us. Is really in question for me. Can you speak to us please?


Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files – Wikiwand

Jonathan Reed, a man who claims to have videotaped an autopsy of an alleged alien creature that attacked his dog near Snoqualmie Pass also in the state of Washington. Yeah, you see it right there. If we can’t see it, let’s see if we can afct it.

Somebody holding a flare out there and just letting it drip?

Off the Deep End/Houseguest

So there’s a lot of speculation. Whatever it was, we couldn’t see it. The show follows a team of investigators, led by former FBI agent Ben Hansen, who review various photographs and viral videos mainly from the internet of alleged paranormal activity.

That will actually burn that light image into epsiode film. You can expose this film prior and get these results.

As we move an antenna along the ground’s surface, And that image is used to identify reflection patterns. The size of the end of your pinky.

In fact, there are several people. Looks like the same exact place. Meanwhile, Ben’s team goes to Los Angelesto test the superhuman claims of Dutch stuntman Wim “The Iceman” Hof who appears to be able to withstand prolonged exposure to extreme cold temperatures. It’s trying to hold the boat. We go after perfect. If they go down, I’ll let you know. In Raystown, Pennsylvania a large lake is the scene for a series of sightings and a photo of what looks like Pennsylvania’s very own Loch Ness Monster.


Where the vortex is that john identified. So, the next thing we’re gonna do is head into the dark room. We got a big guy. Remember, guys, what I saw is big.

fakex Or people dressed in green-screen suits, And he takes the videos down right away. That there was a dead body under the house, And he showed us right where, or within a certain perimeter, Where this body would be.

Ben’s team investigates McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinoisto recreate a video that was taken of a ghostly mist that seems to move about from room to room in the wine cellar. The dead body is supposed to be buried.

What do you guys think? I’m seeing a reflection of your red light in the plexi, And my camera’s actually focusing on your red light. So, I’m gonna hold it up to the film, And I’m gonna have you go ahead and take faed digital elisode. It looked black and shiny.