Following breakfast, the Family herd the goats out to graze, giving the Family the opportunity to play a potato fertilizer sack race game, where foul play and Chunhee’s clumsiness are in full display. At bedtime, the Family play a prank on Sooro by pretending that Daesung would be leaving the show with this being his last evening. Highlights include Daesung revealing his text message exchanges with a female idol, Taehyun falling asleep drunk next to garbage dumpster, and Jongkook admitting he cried when drunk. A mini concert ensues, featuring a group cover of “Kite” by Linus and solo performances from Daesung, Jongkook, Hyori, and Jongshin. The four of them go off to the market and buy ray fish to prepare. Hajodae Village, Yangyang , Gangwon. Cha Tae-hyun , Jang Hyuk [nb 5].

Meanwhile, Dumb and Dumber kindle the embers of a love-line between Jongkook and Yejin who busily prepare the fish stew and clean the bean sprouts: After arriving at the house, the Family split into teams for fishing and soybean cooking duties. Kanggol Village, Boseong County , Jeollanamdo. Gathering at the local village, the Family men eagerly welcome Taeyeon while the Family women are largely ignored. Returning to the village, Hyuk, Jaesuk, and Sooro procure potatoes and fresh bean curd for breakfast preparation, with Hyuk struggling to fry potato pancakes without a flame and oil, thus losing confidence along the way. After enjoying the five-grained rice dinner, the Family gather to set their ‘Full Moon House’ ablaze while Yoona puts on a dance performance of ‘Gee’ and Hyori’s ’10 Minutes’ and the members declare their wishes for the Family. After Hyori’s team victory, the Family gather to clean the fishing nets before wiping down the house and welcoming the homeowners home.

Returning to the village, Hyuk, Jaesuk, and Sooro procure potatoes and fresh bean curd for breakfast preparation, with Hyuk struggling to fry potato pancakes without a flame and oil, thus losing confidence along the way.

The Family split into two teams, with one feeding and vaccinating piglets while the other harvesting melons from the green house. Highlights include Jongkook and Hyori showing displeasure with being ranked last place.

After dinner, the Family form teams for a drawing and painting competition, with Hyori and Outng contrasting expressions and Daesung’s novice abilities drawing much laughter. Highlights include foul play from Hyori, who throws mud at and pulls at the pants of Junsu, and Yejin who places a bucket on Jaesuk’s head before tossing away his fins.

[Eng] YoonA – Family Outing ep 37 1/2

Retrieved 16 September Retrieved 1 September After eating, the Family head to the field to accomplish their assigned vvietsub of harvesting flower roots, which they snack on with some pepper paste. The Family then gather at a local valley to sing songs from The Sound of Music before playing a football-like game, where Sooro accidentally pushes Chunhee off the field and Jaesuk is ignored and chastised by his team. Meanwhile, Dumb and Dumber kindle the embers of a love-line between Jongkook and Yejin who busily prepare the fish stew and clean the bean sprouts: Ihmegol Village, Nonsan, South Chungcheong.


Other highlights of dinner include Hyori supervising “Dumb and Dumber”, who gather vegetables while burdened with equal parts fear and doubt and 2 Jongshin and Jaesuk’s “snowy” stew seasoning. Eeonseok Village, AnseongGyeonggi. During cooking of the kimchi stew, the men discover they’ve added the potatoes too late, so are forced to prematurely serve the stew cietsub the kimchi and other ingredients getting burned, thus incurring the criticisms of the other Family members for the half-cooked potatoes.

At the house, Jongshin, Hyori, Jongkook, and Daesung fall to temptation as they devour most of the beef for themselves, only to go into immediately cover-up mode as the others starting returning home.

Two guests were featured to fill in for Dae-sung. Highlights include Hyori and Jaesuk requesting the return of each other’s clothing. The Family gather at the airport with Daniel Henney helping Jaesuk with his “timing is now” phrasing in the bus.

In the morning, the wake-up mission comprises a needle-threading task, finally resulting in Rain and Chunhee tasked with breakfast duty. Wonhee selects Jaesuk and Daesung to assist her with breakfast preparation, with the three catching a chicken from the local farm after much consternation. Highlights of breakfast cooking include Jaesuk and Daesung’s dramatic medical resuscitation of the dough used for cut noodles. While in the forest, Sooro choreographs some dance numbers and an action scene, with Joon-gi playing assassin to Chunhee the prince.

Family Outing Season 1 vietsub Ep (kpop) | comrang91

Later, the Family head to the beach to play a game where pairs squat and balance while greeting the new year. Gathering at the village, the Family men heartily greet Yoona; whose surprise presence causes Chunhee to fumble with his sunglasses and Daesung to run to her, laterally, with delight. Finally, the Family stack the hay, plant the seeds, clean up the house, and welcome back the homeowners.

In the morning, the wake-up mission calls for the members to jump over a rolling hula hoop. During the water-based running vamily, Hyori’s team loses decisively to Yejin’s, leading to the introduction of the “Hyori Effect”.

At the house, the Family separate into two vietsu to build a ceremonious ‘Full Moon House’ with Daesung, Chunhee and Sooro overjoyed upon being selected by Yoona for cutting bamboo. Further preparing for dinner, Chunhee, Sooro, and Changeui gather strawberries from a green house, while Hyori scolds Dumb and Dumber at home.

Highlights include Sooro the “Game Devil” carrying Hyori’s team to victory, Jongshin’s “old man” accordion music, and Yejin losing her sense of direction following the “elephant spin”.


Cha Tae-hyunJang Hyuk [nb 5]. During sleep order rankings, the Family men dance while donning an Afro wig and gold chain and Yejin bribes her way to first place among the women with cookies.

[Vietsub] SNSD – Family Outing Season 2 Ep 11 – YouTube

Hyori and Chunhee take turns climbing on each other’s backs while gathering chestnuts, with Chunhee painfully stepping barefoot on a thorny chestnut burr. After eating, the Family form a circle for the Saranghae game, featuring highlights of 1 Brian’s attacks of cuteness on Yejin and Jongshin and 2 Sooro threatening Chunhee to not dare laugh.

Afterwards, the Family head to the dock to clean and dry squid, featuring Hyori singing songs by Kara and Daesung showing embarrassment as we are reminded of his idol text message exchange. The night games took place inside an abandoned textile factory.

Highlights include Jongshin invoking his newborn son, Chunhee bribing with aloe leaves, and Yejin falling to the ground in tears. Here the concept of “Dumb and Dumber” is introduced as the pairing encounters difficulty determining the appropriate amount of water for cooking ramyun. Highlights of the ranking include Yejin’s annoyance at the men’s slow voting leading to a reversal of results in Hyori’s favor.

The Family then move on to their first game, where vistsub object is to race down and up a large pile of hay while carrying a basin of water. Soyool Village, YeosuSouth Jeolla. The episode ends with the homeowners being welcomed home. After breakfast, the Family choreograph and perform a Natta traditional percussion 5 for the local village.

During breakfast preparation, Chunhee directs Joon-gi around, to the latter’s dismay, but successfully cook a delicious menu of kimchi soup and roasted beef. The game also features an accidental slip of the tongue by Yejin that becomes the reoccurring catchphrase of the episode.

Returning to the house, the Family decide to catch a chicken for dinner, with Jaesuk and Daesung exhibiting their characteristic cowardice, and relying on Yejin’s quick hands and precision technique for the capture. With the men fawning over Dambi, Hyori makes wisecracks at Dambi’s expense at every opportunity, only to have the men come to her defense with praise, song and dance. Highlights include 1 Hyori’s team dominating every game despite having the “worst” members of Jaesuk and Jongshin and 2 an emerging rivalry seasn Haejin and Jaesuk.