This house already have most of these. I wish you went to Rose Kitchen. Still, don’t give him the handles. Got a YouTube account? IF I find more I will update here: Handling two guys, one on each hand. Let all the units know.

But if you sound so hopeless about it So you really believe that they are going to the Prosecution Office? But I have to think like the opposition. Police didn’t take any notice about our complain. Erkenci Kus episode 8 you can find it here https: It was just another car for him. Yeah, we did weeks of preparation for today. You can’t go around doing things on your own.

If you don’t want to loose that house. IF I find more I will update here: Okay, we got it. You can’t take fahmagul away easily.

Get it over and done with it. He must have a problem since he keeps calling you. Come on, we’ll go to our house epispde. Not long ago, you were scared he was gonna kill you. Munir and your Uncle. There are people who can witness that you were a waiter at the wedding.


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Sir, these allegations have not been brought forward by your rivals By the way, I called the water service. I bet you didn’t read any newspapers either while you’re away. Got a YouTube account? Did he come here to you and asked for help?

Did it come true or not, Rahmi? The number will be enough. I’ve found these inside. Kerim, they’re all possibilities, okay.

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There’s nothing you should worry about. Still, don’t give him the handles.

Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: So you really famagul that they are going to the Prosecution Office? And the time is ticking in our favor. We can’t get any news from anybody, we can’t call any one.

I’d dance till my time is up. We will having a meeting. I will file the divorce petition today. I had asked you hopelessly back then “Is there any hope for us? Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 1 Edit Subtitles.


Stop calling him our man. I thought it was something else.

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Just tell me the truth. Okay, then take it right below the stairs. But his mom was a bit ill, he went to the hospital.

She must be stinking with sheep smell.