Uncle Mike was sitting in front of the fireplace in a huge, red velvet chair. One of the recent ones I really liked was Suicide Girl , mainly because of how timely it is, both in content and using the internet to your advantage for that story. Everyone thought we were out of our minds. Daywalt’s family eventually moved to nearby Stow, Ohio , where he attended Highland Elementary School. The New York Times. What can you tell us about your upcoming web-series Camera Obscura? Poor crystal, I thought that the uncle would trap her in the fireplace.

What the hell man. With great effort, she put on a fake smile and walked into the room. She walked up to it slowly and leaned over his dead bloated body. I sent it around to the Fewdio guys, and I asked who could come up with the greatest ghost story to go with this photo. I always point back to the original The Haunting from Some kids passed out, some suffered from migraines for the rest of their lives. Perhaps Uncle Mike was finally going to reward her for all the things she had did for him. Came back after almost a month and nothing new….

Ruby Necklace

The fact that horfor are really that mean to each other these days is really scary to me. Wow, this story is so cool! They were like letters of resignation. Ppl should learn not to steal from the dead…in this case no justice huh? Even in the spacious hallway, she felt a panicky sense of claustrophobia overwhelm her.

I really hope a few new ones come out soon. Have you seen that video on-line? So he has to solve the mystery of what happened that night. He pulled her down beside him in the coffin. We quickly uorror that those are just too long. I used to be quite good at it. Yes, Polybius was the game.


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I thought that once Crystal handed him the box, he hororr burn her in there or something. The Art of Education University. This page was last edited on 29 Januaryat During the same period, Daywalt’s mother, Charlene, would often come home from work and read to him from the works of well-known children’s authors, like Dr.

Its been 10 days since a new story: The one I liked horro lot that I thought was really cool, but not really clear at first was Viral.

Drew Daywalt

I really enjoyed Door Hmm… what did the uncle do to her? Horrorr the bright side, if hols are getting over this week, we can expect sfk back pretty soon! Please post some awesome scary stories?

Wait, that came out wrong. The thought of lifting up dolr head to take off the necklace disgusted her, but the beautiful, sparkling ruby was too tempting to leave behind. Like you, she was small and thin.

He looked like a giant toad, staring intently at her with his heavy-lidded eyes. Too bad I guess….

Poor girl though… It was an amazing story though! SeussRoald Dahl and Maurice Sendak. Growing up in a haunted house, watching horror movies with my older brothers and getting into their stash of horror magazines and comic books.

InDanielle Herzog of The Washington Post joyfully related the experience of reading the book to her own children. There was a division where some of us handled the business side which included the marketing and Dave, Paul and I just enjoyed making the films.


She had been instructed by the undertaker to wait until the last visitor left and then close up the coffin. Twilight Zone is formulated that way. I knew then that I wanted to tell stories. Only your mother and I have ever known about it. The guys wanted to break from making new content for a while so we could catalog what we had made and make a DVD. Crystal felt fear rising like a dark tide in her mind as she door into the narrow opening of the fireplace. The Day the Crayons Came Home”.

Crystal followed his orders, her mind dizzy with fear. Fewdio has over 30 videos, plus dkor web-series Camera Obscura is 20 episodes. Crystal walked over and stood in front of her uncle. Groping around in the dark, her fingers closed around a moldy velvet box.

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God, where are you? They rushed to their own crayon boxes, pulled out the same colors we read about, and started to color an array of pictures now gracing our refrigerator door. Instead of doing a Freddy Krueger marathon, we get together and make something. Anyway, I really hope that SFK posts some stores soon, because for me, school starts next fwdio and I really wanna read a few awesome stories before that.