Dig in spots where the signal is strongest full red bar to uncover little CommSpheres. Anything Eater The boss has Auto-Reflect, so any magic cast on it will bounce back onto your girls. After your first fight, she will appear as a random encounter starting at the 71st Floor. Do not follow him up the crystal path yet; first, head east past some Guados and Bevelle soldiers , veering south when you can to reach the [Spring]. You can inflict Breaks on it as well, thus making the battle a tad easier. Return to the intersection and head east now, dropping down into a sandpit. Thus, avoid doing Zanarkand last. By the time he tries his Megaflare Overdrive, his regular attacks should do almost nothing to you.

There are six towers total – 3 have dimmed lights and 3 have blue lights. Escort the final tourist back the entrance. Climb up the ledges in front of you. Take the mission here fighting tournament. The CS is covered in snow; move it, and a Ronso gal will partially clean it off 0 – If you stopped Garik: Each time you find one, a silly mini-game starts. During the scene, you disguised as a Fem-Goon are told to visit Leblanc upstairs. Leave the room and go upstairs to the [Trials].

Back on board the Celsius, now with Leblanc and Co. Sell 10 tickets for Tobli’s show Guadosalam: All hover attendants have upgraded their inventory, too. Move forward to the T-intersection and head west.

evermynd: final fantasy X-2

There are 15 tourists stuck in the cave. I got Kaiser Knuckles. Then, view at the temple until Barthello breaks the sphere. As you approach the waterfall, drop down from the left side of the bridge to reach a chest with 2x Chocobo Wing.


Talk to Clasko then return to the Bridge. Use two Dark Knights to sweep them with Darkness and have a White Mage domplete after the little ones use their 1, Needles. As soon as you enter, a mini-game starts. Go west and ride the shoopuf across to [North Wharf]. Again, head north, returning to the 3rd intersection.

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The achievement should unlock after a short scene. When Tobli emerges from his hiding spot, join the pursuit, heading north.

Return to the [Ravine] entrance and speak with Clasko about his love for chocobos. Afterwards, return here again and take Hikuri onto your airship.

Final Fantasy X-2 – Episode Complete Guide

The Fem-Goon mostly uses elemental magic. Use it until you land the same digits on both dice. Now return to Comppete in the upper Spring. Won’t connect Phase 2: Rin will share the results of his investigation in Chapter 5. Locate all three musicians for the Hypello near the entrance.

Talk to Baralai on top to receive a Tiara. There are two, one at the entrance and one by the hot springs.

Back on the upper Ravine path, keep following the escorts until you reach a couple of Drowsy Ochus. Ask the pilot to take you to [Cactuar Nation].

One contains a tutorial and the other, a clue. Regain lost MP with Ethers when it uses Osmose.

The woman selling items has completw her inventory. Start by heading east. The last two wall blasts uncover chests with a Mega Phoenix and Elixir.


Something is amiss on stage and the girls step in to fight. There are 13 total hiding in the woods, so catch as many as you can while here. A new hover attraction opens: The boss will hasten its episofe at the start, making direct hits miss. Enter the [Fiend Haunt] and move forward to an intersection. At the next intersection, go north to find 2 more tourists as well as a Blue Ring chest.

When you reach the [Ancient Road], climb the broken pillar on the right and press X to get the 2nd number.

Beat Beclem’s score in the Gunner’s Gauntlet. Dig in spots where the signal is strongest full red bar to uncover little CommSpheres. Hike all the way up to the [Fayth Scar] on foot, passing several Ronsos along the way. When successful, proceed down the hall until you meet up with Frailea, the 10th Gatekeeper.

Keep a White Mage handy for healing. After using it, enter the [Chamber of the Fayth] to xomplete Cid. Use this section claskl if you missed any percentage during your first playthrough. Switch her to Songstress after that, and switch Yuna to Gunner or Warrior if you need more offensive power.

Keep heading west, down to the Save Point.