I paid RM1, as I didn’t go directly to the installer but went through the sales advisor whom I bought the new car from who took some commission from the tint installation. Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post Neutral Newbie The points of the user determines the rank. Yes that is true. Points are accumulated from other users who Praise or Disliked this users’ posts. Suction cup on solar film.

Mine took more than a week park under the hot sun to get the haze completely dissapears. I wanted a new door, they say can only pay fo PDR repair. Can’t remember the type but it was the highest grade compliant to LTA. The haze is quite irritating especially under direct sunlight and at night; as the haze will diffuse and amplifies any incoming light, makes it much glaring compared to non-tinted glass. V 40 is dark tint! Mar 25 , Newbie26 , Angcheek , Sunny , Uncle2 and Noob79 praised this.

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Posted 14 January – Anyway, that was my experienceyou can have yours! Crystalline 70 Front Side Door: VKool Elite still good and reject heat very well, no discolouration what so ever.

Edited by Squeaky, 04 May – Sometimes the front hazy winsdcreen could be due to water bubble created during installation not completely dried up Try park your car under the sun for a few days and see if the haze dissapears. So still need to shop around to compare. It’s authentic Huper Optik tint as there as the documents and certificate are from Smart Windows which is the distributor for Huper Optik film. In what way is HO C40 better than your vkool 40? The longer the bar, the higher the rank and points.


Interesting fact about the absorption of heat and transferring the energy to the glass. You mean there’s another higher ffilm range Squeaky? Subscribe to this forum Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board. Huper Optik C70 Review: Need to use CR90 to be sure.

Also for the roof you wont have to worry about cutting a hole for ERP IU device when using V-Kool V-Kool will also block electronic signals due to the metal content, but no worries if install on the roof. Based on some numbers I saw on the crystallinf tint thread 3M Crystalline may be better than Vkool Posted 13 May – Personally I don’t recommend C50 for all side and rear windscreens.

Note that we are not comparing vilm tints and so the premium is more effective, but darker. Mar 28 Crystalline 50 Rear Side Door: OK, already close today. Started by SamshioJan 06 The points of the user determines the rank. You installed V-Kool for entire car or only panoramic roof? Pretty obvious your sales advisor is not that honest. So far so good but its early days and I normally don’t park under the sun lol. 3


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My car interior is light grey ,this make C40 not dark enough! Posted 21 May – Any solar film workshop to intro? But if you compare with another glass roof car without V-Kool, of cos not as good.

I regretted of not going c30 all round! Share on Track this topic Print this topic.

Sech 60 slightly better performance than Ceramic 70 Front Side Door: Posted 04 May – Because you said “But Vkool heat rejection more geng”. Mar 27 Suction cup on crysalline film.

3m normal and crystalline solar film – Page 2 – Accessories –

I compared and experienced both before! Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post Perhaps wait for 2 to 3 days or maybe up to week for the tint to completely dry up. Also thinking of getting Crystallien for the front windscreen.

If it is for the panoramic roof, then I wont recommend 3M Crystalline. Posted 16 October – The difference was that big. Apr 1 ,