The scene in which sarah looks into the childish picture drawn by herself during her childhood of both her and her “Pops” and smiling with a daughterly love was so amazing. The terminators look awesome. I loved the action, i loved that arnold returned as the terminator, i loved that they FINALLY showed how the humans won the war but the machines stipl sent the terminator back in time just like how kyle reese said in the first terminator movie! TheFlash May 12, I went into “Genisys” thinking, wow, if THOSE movies got good reviews, imagine how awful this is going to be, considering it got bad reviews Make-up and stuff is ok to great too.

It feels as though it was made by Michael Bay. New on Amazon Instant Video. The anthropomorphized Skynet was silly and seemed like something from movies and TV from the 80s when audiences were not yet familiar with computers and automated systems. He was so out of character I thought maybe he was a secret Terminator. ErikTheCritic Sep 29, FarhanFiroz Oct 2,

I didn’t really care if this movie made much sense or the acting was all that amazing.

Laurent Queyssi

But also not that bad for fresh audience. The humour was so bad at this movie. While it does provide some entertaining action scenes and Schwarzenegger being back in this franchise, “Terminator Genisys” has a very muddled storyline and practically nothing human at its core.

I wen’t into this movie thinking it was gonna be really bad, but it was only slightly better.

The Pops character played by Arnie in this movie wa excellent and everybody in the film acted wonderfully. Music is ok, i miss some of the old themes. A laughably bad script, wooden trippaant so bad that old Arnie isn’t the worst actor for a change, and pitiful tv style bifn It also had modern, relevant questions being raised about our reliance on smart phone tech.

I have enjoyed this movie, it is not bad. Just, stop change the casts!


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trippany Several times in the tripppant they pay homage to T2 and the plot was tight and quick paced – the visual and sound effects were impressive! K Simmons and Lee Byung-hun save the essence of the film. I really don’t get the low review scores critics or fans. The CGI was definitely worthy and good. I really don’t get why he’s getting such big roles in big movies, I mean the guy is not good at all.

Still, the action was good.

If you ignore the last bieen movies this is a great third movie after the great first movie and the masterpiece Terminator 2.

T3 was forgettable, but not awful. Well, because I didn’t fall to those much trailer spoilers, I really enjoyed this movie. Above No wonder you put the upcoming Marvel director to direct this movie, I mean you guys should be aware if someone from Marvel direct your favorite bjen justsaying.

LinttaFlamingo Sep 29, Genisys tries to make an alternate Terminator series timeline. AliceofX Jul 21, It has a lot of nostalgia from the first movies! My hope for this movie for being decent slowly went down as every time I hear some news from the movie is it’s something to do with the cast or the little plot rumors. Popsfan Aug 14, I loved the action, i loved that arnold returned as the terminator, i loved that they FINALLY showed how the humans won the war but the machines stipl sent the terminator back in time just like how kyle reese said in the first terminator movie!

Leave those two movies alone. Here he was a lot more interesting than in Terminator 3 and if you are a fan of that character you might be interested in seeing this film.

I found myself shaking my head at some decisions they made during the film. The second movie looks still great today. It’s an OK movie but i would separate it from the whole Terminator franchise It is overcomplicated with things that are unnecessary and instead of simple story like in T1,2,3,4 we get something really complex in terms of story with a lot of comical reliefs on the top.


Terminator Genisys

Esta pelicula pues no cumple ningun requisito. I trippat liked the premise and the surprises early on. The build up and the way the story progresses ensures that the series will continue in many different ways. Marick Oct 20, Tom Hardy would be perfect. Directors tried to go to the core Okay, now I’ve finally watched this long anticipated movie.

trippantt Lacking enough melodrama and smartness, Terminator Genisys is just another dull, flawed and unremarkable sequel added to Cameron’s Terminator franchise.

DominArsen Dec 8, Its always a waste of money if the movie isnt made for 3D like avatar. I’ve been there when those so many trailers for one movie releasing and cost me to see much spoiler. Arnie was great but the rest of the cast was meh. I was so angry, and a second viewing really didn’t help AJDarkstar Oct 31, It reboots the series very well, some great links back to the first movie.

Arnold’s slapstick was done too much to remain endearing. This film was an action packed race for humanities future and I look forward to the next two in line! I made the stupidity part of the fun. I went into this movie with low expectations.

Overall this movie was still a very interesting movie to see and I was happy to see a new and different rrippant to Seeing that this was almost a sequel to Terminator Salvation which wasn’t the best, this movie failed to meet expectations.