Bajur’s comment is really interesting because I didn’t pay attention to the fact that in the picture Teddy shows to Lenny, he pointed his finger at the chest, which is the place where he has the tattoo “I’ve done it”. Una zuppa di sasso. Il cinema campa di discussioni. Time Is On My Side. In addition to the conversation with Natalie, the photo of Leonard that Teddy took immediately the real John G. Sono i premi dell’industria hollywoodiana e i loro riconoscimenti tengono conto di questo.

Seeing a stack of workbooks that Andi is grading, Clare intentionally burns her hand on the stove and steals one of them when Andi goes to get her ointment. Interpreta la padrona di casa, Coco. Clare appears relieved as she thought he was not going to come back, she comforts Andi for his loss and sleeps with him. Sammy was real and the “Remember Sammy Jenkins” tattoo was the most visible for a reason. But, his wife wouldnt need help for her insulin shots. Addio a Bruno Ganz 5 giorni fa.

Un sacchetto di biglie 18 ore fa.

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Valentina Salmin spiegszione febbraio Mandaci una mail o ricevi informazioni per la tua campagna adv: XD Bellissima la cosa del monumento, invidia Sunset Boulevard Viale del tramonto di Billy Wilder. Retrieved September 18, Seguimi su Twitter Tweets di Valent1naOrs1n1. Il cerchio a suo modo si chiude.

Posso permettermi di andare controcorrente? So Lenny decides to sentence Teddy to death, by getting a tattoo of Teddy’s license plate, which later fillm make forgetful-Lenny think Teddy is John G.


Oggi il posto si chiama Caesar’s. When she realized that Lenny would not stop, she left him. Of course, Lenny would have no memory of their reunions and no evidence that she was alive unless he wrote a note or took a polaroid.

Kelvin lo sai che tu hai carta bianca qui e puoi dire quel che vuoi Le battute di Forrest rimarranno impresse nella nostra memoria, tanto da venir assorbite nel linguaggio comune.

Le maratone di un bradipo cinefilo. Lo so che la stavate aspettando When Franka sees a flash of Clare in a towel, Andi fillm her it’s his girlfriend and puts her down, causing her to leave.

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He does this to punish Teddy because Teddy has just confessed to using Lenny. Valentina Orsini 16 febbraio Se ci fosse stata una terza stagione, il regista l’avrebbe centrata sulla figura di Audrey Horne. But it’s hard to believe that he would choose not to see every time he ‘woke up’ from filn memory lapse.

Viene menzionato di nuovo? This is really a question that I haven’t figured out till now.

You and Ankit Sharma seem to have a better grasp on the story then pretty much the whole internet! Berlin Syndrome is a Australian-French [1] psychological thriller drama film directed by Cate Shortlandand written by Shaun Grant, based upon the novel of the same name by Melanie Joosten.


Infatti puoi notare un minimo ma percettibile cambio di fotografia e stile di montaggio in ogni diverso episodio, e un impercettibile cambio di toni. We deliberately aren’t supposed to know if that vision is real or imagined because that encourages us as viewers to question what about his memories are real or not, which was arguably the whole point of the film.

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So if his wife was alive to obviously see that tattoo what was his motive to kill him? The memories he ‘creates’ are part of spiegazilne coping mechanism he seems to have developed as a way of dealing with the trauma of Whatever really happenedbetween him and his wife. Sono entrambe celeberrime strade di Hollywood, e due film decisamente critici nel confronto del sistema hollywoodiano.

Difficile recuperare riferimenti tangibili per The Inhumans, ma non impossibile: Of course we don’t know what happened after the events in the movie, but personally I think Teddy would have been Lenny’s last kill. Commenti sul post Atom. Bello si, ma mejento strappato l’Oscar al mio amoreeeee e non va bene!!!