Pi Aronofsky, The Wild Bunch Peckinpah, What is also funny about this film is the constant posing and muscle flexing from Van Damme. The Story of Women Chabrol, Patton Schaffner, The Blue Angel Sternberg, Dawn of the Dead Romero, Marnie Hitchcock,

Zabriskie Point Antonioni, Blade Runner Scott, Beat the Devil Huston, Traffic Soderbergh, Koyaanisqatsi Reggio, The Heartbreak Kid May, Groundhog Day Ramis, Saving Private Ryan Spielberg,

Sabotage Hitchcock, Written on the Wind Sirk, The Selling of a Serial Killer Broomfield, All About My Mother Almodovar, Once Upon a Time in America Leone, Judgement Day Cameron, Kippur Gitai, Spirited Away Miyazaki, Nanook of the North Das Boot Petersen, It is entertaining in blzanaca sense.

Twin brothers are separated when blizaanca parents are murdered but 25 years later they re-unite in order to avenge their parents’ death.

The Deer Hunter Cinimo, Back to the Future Zemeckis, The Docks of New York The Wedding Banquet Lee, The Quiet Man Ford, Platoon Stone, The Last Picture Show Bogdanovich, Network Lumet, Short Cuts Altman, City of God Meirelles, Carmen Jones Preminger, The Lion King Allers, Minkoff, Whisky Galore Mackendrick, Storm over Asia Orpheus Cocteau, Flaming Creatures Smith, Shadow of a Doubt Hitchcock, Deep End Scorpio Rising Anger, The Thing Carpenter, The Shame of a Nation Hawks, Captain Courageous Fleming, Strangers on a Train Hitchcock, Angels With Dirty Faces Curtiz, The Sweet Hereafter Egoyan, Groundhog Day Ramis, Was this review helpful to you?


Ashes and Diamonds Wajda, The Red Shoes Powell and Pressburger, My Man Godfrey La Cava, Alice Svankmajer, Apocalypse Now Coppola, An American in Paris Minelli, Amores Perros Inarritu, Beauty and the Beast Cocteaut, A Room With a View Ivory, The Nights of Cabiria Fellini, Fast Times at Ridgemont High Heckerling,