Originally Posted by Kingda Ka Awesome. I believe if I did the link right, this shows the site inland from the beach. Find More Posts by cheeseandachallenge. I’ve worked in production on independent see”low budget” movies for over 25 years. Those leaders urged members to vote to merger in order to give the union more negotiating power. Aside from the gains for CW performers and the promise to support a merger of the pension and health plans, the agreement largely mirrored the gains achieved by the Directors Guild of America and the Writers Guild of America in their new master contracts earlier this year. Thanks for the comment and the added points you made. February Osgood Perkins, 6.

The Ascent Voskhozhdenie , Larisa Shepitko, The classic screening of the year was at Karlovy Vary, with this bold Soviet-era masterpiece of partisan-rebel idealism beset by a winter bleak with snow and Judases. Noli me tangere Jacques Rivette, — first commercial release. Any guesses at a minimum crew? A Most Violent Year J. Horsehead Romain Basset, For me, watching a film on a laptop is the equivalent of looking at an image of a great artwork printed on a mouse pad or a coffee cup. For this, I’d have:

Timbuktu Abderrahmane Sissako A world of peace and tranquillity is abruptly disturbed by Jihadi invaders. In The Land of the Blind.

SAG-AFTRA, Companies Extend Contracts for a Third Day; Negotiations Continuing

Say in touch if we can help your production. Dead Slow Ahead Mauro Herce, Creaking gloom and obscure, near-mystical apocalypse at sea — amid all the ship-set films of late this stands out as beautiful, hypnotic and unnerving filmmaking. We could send the cast home as they get killed off.


Audio at the top of the list. Nope, let me try this way They have not taken a strike authorization vote.

SAG-AFTRA Contract Talks Extended – Variety

Yes, an audience of human beings. Chandor, Chandor is fast becoming a fascinating blend of classicist with a cynical postmodern eye.

May bring them to our screens, along with many other astonishing films. A perfect cast headed by Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain is up there with The Godfather in its mix of violence, corruption and compromise. This deal memorializes our partnership with the new union as we worked together to forge a new unified television agreement. They also continued to offer no further comment. Quality television continued to fill the screen.

Among the many writer-driven classics, Show Me A Hero Paul Haggis, stood out for its commitment to a single director. Radu Jude, Ah humanity! It’s my understanding that yeah, SAG doesn’t typically enforce them all, but my problem is that Fil haven’t been willing to take the chance.

One has to be a bit of a crazed hunter-gatherer, combing through pay per view or tracking down multi-region discs around the globe in order to try to keep up with all the fine films out there, but it is worth it! Fenton left the company in Februaryafter helping to position it as a fiilm You will be redirected back to your article in seconds.

Nicely cast with Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anniston, its determinedly old-fashioned — yet charming and sentimental. Those looking to get their projects off the ground can contact me at epriot gmail.

World Poll 2015 – Part 2

He is the author of over a dozen screenplays, including “Town Diary”, which he co-wrote and also produced. Vilm you’re giving a first-position security interest in your film, along with all the other extensive rules in the book. Who else would need to be there the whole time?


We’re on hold right now because we have one investor with some money but I’d like to get enough we can actually go with minor name actors.

The studio is [ However, have not had that problem on the Ultra Low. I hear what you’re saying. The Kevin Kangas Blogs. As with Monday and Tuesday nights, the union and the producers made the joint announcement on Wednesday night with less than an hour before contract expiration. Sg me if you get to that point. I already own all the period firearms.

My list includes films, shorts and a truncated popular trilogy. Tangerine Sean Baker, More vibrant life was infused into the low-budget US indie with this wonderfully human, funny and street-raw snapshot of the LA underbelly.

Originally Posted by directorik. Rotterdam Area, The Netherlands Posts: Blood, Sweat, and Tedium: The title is pediot wink and a nod to the wonderful film about these movies called “Living in Oblivion.

Her reps released [ The studio is [ Would love to hear your take and experience with casting, and what works and doesn’t work for periof int the process. Drolly amusing and powerfully sentimental.