The best of Lebouf so far. Very Good movie but maybe it will be not to much spectacular, if we comparing with current movie in similar idea. Lovely,romantic and honest movie,still has a same character like its predecessors. Although the rate below the line, but we also have to look from the message this movie gived, i got the message and love it. Because the story is good and the drama is very sad. As the daughter of the assassin, she understands Bond in a way most others cannot. In this institution he find a new relation with human being although most of all are crazy and dumb people. And Cooper really know to make it memorable.

In case you didn’t get the idea of ending you can read it. A musical and performing art movie in Rajkumar Hirani really know how to deliver a sensitive story without too much bloopers. But it really isn’t anything like that. Best explanation of the ending is on Chief big Indian story about his father,a man who once had respect, honor, and courage but ended up a shell of what he once was. But very poor in detail of screenplay.

Tentang perang dunia kedua. Marvel tancap gas teruss. Girly banget emang, semua aspek dibuat emang segmen utamanya untuk cewek2. One thing that is for sure is that director Francis Lawrence clearly knows jleek the biggest asset they have in this is Jennifer Lawrence’s body, as the amount of disrobing or scantily clad scenes, along with blatant arse shots that she’s subjected to, is off the charts.


This movie providing a good photography directing and old fashion cosmetology of ghost story. A lot of magnificent casting work. And the final execution, i though fail in delivering the moral. Rasa datar terasa sejak adegan pembuka. We talk about the best leading actress work in 10 years here. Was this review helpful? Still be a legend movie till now. Well as someone who actually read the book and just saw the movie, and specfre seen how incongruous many of the ratings are here on IMDb, I felt obliged to pass on a few notes.

A good one spirit for every women in the world. Very bad plot and directing. Sure this is still a legend movie,you specfre watch.

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The supporting characters and the story arc are pretty much tired. Still better than the predecessor in plot and storyline.

Almost as bland as Quantum of Solace. This movie brought me a hope and fresh salvation. Remarkable piece of work and very touch movie.

You can skip this one.

Go fix your country! Great acting by all cast but a little bit less with dramatic duration.


Oh well, don’t hate the messenger. My Verdict, i like it! Lovely and charming animation movie. Not bad Affleck, not bad All aspects of human feeling appear in this movie,we can see the feeling of angry,sad,happy,confuse,shock and many all. The violence, torture and nudity in this film is not gratuitous at all, but essential to the authenticity and realism of the story.


Kutcher and Portman truly know to make audience sad and laugh. Dalton Trumbo bring us hope, through his bravery against unfair perception. The Terminal is light but in good quality. There is something in this Scafaria work which successfully touch my heart. This results in no tension, no chemistry, and no interest from the viewers. Unsur komedi fresh, animasi juga lain dari yang lain.

Bring back the soul of this franchise story, Becoming the most anticipate Superhero franchise in this decade.

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Ceritanya sensasional ,cuma sayang si Gordon Levitt kayanya kurang pas deh perannya, dia di “The Walk” mantep super. Beside that there is a lot of new aspect in this movie which inspiring a lot of movie this day. Nice morality story about a man who really struggle with his life and bring love to his nephew. Pointless sequel which trying to humor you. Kudos juga buat Paul Dano!

Beside that, pretty cool sequel. Nominate in Oscar for best visual effect,best sound editing qnd best sound mixing. Great cast, great concept, great idea but Very clever to put this movie in black and white.