Both wind up on a deserted island, where Alec and the stallion gradually establish contact and rapport. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Filmic visual manipulation has come a long way in the 40 years since “Mister Ed”. Mickey trains the horse; Alec becomes a jockey. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! His heart made him a hero. Stripes voice Mandy Moore Start your free trial.

Written by David L. You are very good. Racing Stripes 5. That’s if you’re an adult, at least. John Cooper Wendie Malick I suppose one can never get too old or intellectual to enjoy a dancing monkey, so to speak. But this instantiation is simply a funny, inspirational story featuring a talking zebra.

Review by Logan B. Will they ever get Ed back? This is often interpreted as a racial theme, but it’s really more general than that, applying to all kinds of differences. And there is a big race to be won On Disc at Amazon. They are approached by Woodzie M.

This Week’s Top Trailers. Reporter 4 John Lesley Stripes, a zebra raised on a farm in Kentucky, dreams of one day becoming a championship racehorse in this heartwarming and hysterical tale that seamlessly combines live action and computer animation.

Film 20 of Scavenger Hunt 3! The important consideration is not whether Racing Stripes is unprecedented, but how well it does what it sets out to do. Babe this certainly is not, but I expected worse A young zebra is accidentally abandoned by the circus, but is found by a man and his daughter.

Nolan Walsh Hayden Panettiere Vilm Frederik Du Chau. The form exists as a srtipes because it’s a very effective, classic plot rooted in a particular kind of cultural mythology.

Eligible if purchased with select payment methods. Meanwhile, due to Stripes’ misbehavior during training, Franny reveals to Stripes that Tucker helped Nolan train the racehorse champions including Sir Trenton without getting any thanks, which encourages him to begin training.

The adage “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” is one that kids movies are prone to following, and while there strangely have been flim real absence of talking animal movies, I almost think Babe should been seen as the high watermark and the best use of this genre of film.


The film tells the story of Stripes, a circus zebra who is accidentally abandoned in Kentucky and raised on a farm next to a racing track.

There are a few instances of animal “stunts” being too dangerous for the animals–such as Stripes’ wipeout, so these are animated with cgi, too, and they’re integrated very well. During production of the film, Hayden Panettiere was thrown off a zebra and ended up hospitalized with a concussion and a pinched nerve in her neck.

Three years later, after racing the mailman again, an adult Stripes Frankie Muniz meets an Arabian filly named Sandy Mandy Moore and develops a crush on her after losing to the mailman in their usual race.

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Despite Chan’s pleas and Woodzie’s encouragement, Nolan refuses to let her race Stripes. Rebnstall stripes made him an outcast. Artworks aren’t inherently more valuable just because they’re unprecedented, and they’re not inherently rennstzll valuable just because they’re engaging in a well-established form, or “template”, to put it in more modern terms.

Cute, funny, heartwarming and a subtly surreal fantasy, Racing Stripes is a great example of why predictability just doesn’t matter when it comes to making a good film.

Oh yeah this one. This article needs additional citations for verification. An abandoned zebra grows up believing he is a racehorse, and, with the help of strupes barnyard friends and a teenage girl, sets out to achieve his dream of racing with thoroughbreds.

Racing Stripes has many plot similarities to the later-released Disney movie, Herbie: His heart made him a hero. Zebga, Dalrymple sarcastically signs Stripes up to compete in the Kentucky Open competition. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The primary theme is acceptance of difference. Films directed by Frederik Du Chau.

Though she is uninjured, Nolan chastises and blames her.


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Walsh, a recent widower, has a teenaged daughter, Channing Hayden Panettierewho works at the local horse track for a mean, snooty and rich boss lady, Clara Dalrymple Wendie Malick.

As a film primarily targeted at kids and younger teens although it’s certainly not enjoyable only to them–I’m middle-aged and have no kidsRacing Stripes has a couple “moral of the story” subtexts, and as usual, they’re themes that not only kids can benefit from internalizing.

Views Read Edit View history. He’s rescued by a farmer played by…. Refusing to allow Stripes to race, Sir Trenton and several thoroughbreds ambush Stripes and Sandy at a creek as they are talking and making up for their previous argument one night, kidnapping Sandy and threatening to hurt her if he races.

Any older cinephile could probably fill in the basic developments of the plot, up to and including the ending, given the premises above. But this instantiation is simply a funny, inspirational story featuring a talking zebra.

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Stripes is Frankie Muniz, and has his innocent precociousness. Edit Storyline A young zebra is accidentally abandoned by the circus, but is found by a man and his daughter. Before the race, Nolan bets Dalrymple that if he wins then he gets Sandy, and if he loses then stripee will come back to work for her. Well, at least looking at things somewhat pessimistically.

All of the animals can talk to each other, “Mister Ed” -style, but in the more traditional filmic instantiation of talking animals, they can’t talk to humans, although it is implied that they can at least slightly understand human speech.