Not a problem; Raeger starts to cook for the two of you. You need to own the DLC for Inari’s event. Besides giving gifts, another way to quickly lower a marriage candidate’s love level is to show the going-steady Ring to a different marriage candidate, then go back to talk to your sweetie. The two of you go back to eating your meal. Stephanie Son Submitted by Syvle. After 62 days have gone by since you broke up, you can give him or her another commitment Ring on a sunny, non-festival Saturday or Sunday. You need to catch all of the available fish at this dock before Mitten Crab will appear during stormy weather.

Once you convince someone to marry you, the option to have children will be available. An eastern-style wedding will have the girls wearing a pink ceremonial kimino, and the boys will wear a white ceremonial kimono. Marriage candidates have a hidden Affection Point AP value. Oh yea, that’s right! Some of the marriage candidates are available from the beginning of the game, but some others aren’t available until later in the game. Fritz thinks you’re trying to break up with him, and starts begging you to take him back when he realizes that you were just joking.

This event won’t trigger if it is yours or your spouse’s birthday. Dessie will also stop by your farm house to magically give you a stamina heart. This rice-category cooking recipe is a reward for winning the crop, fishing, or cooking festivals. To determine their friendship level, you can stand next to them and press the Left Shoulder button on your 3DS. The person you want to confess to must have a light green flower color, the day cannot be a festival day in this version of Story of Seasons you can give the confession item on weekdays as well as weekendsand you have seen the person’s two friend events and three love events.

He’ll invite you and your spouse to go on a trip as long as your spouse is above a green flower color and your rucksack isn’t full. Maybe it is fate that you and this picture should be together. Afterwards, you’ll gather at the Guild Hall to talk to Veronica, who will explain the three wedding plans you can choose from.

The chef is becoming annoyed with the farmer, and asks at what point did he brag about his popularity with women? Before you can start to see your potential sweetie’s love events you have to see the person’s friend events.


Mistel | Bachelor | A Story of Seasons Help Guide

Raeger moved to Oak Tree Town to help his grandfather with the restaurant he owns. Once you’ve had your Ring accepted, you can see your person’s green and yellow heart events but not the green and yellow events for the other marriage candidates.

Give the Ring on a sunny Saturday or Sunday before This will be accomplished by producing crops, animal products, and various other farm goods to sell to the existing depot shopkeepers. You will NOT be required to chose your plan at that time. The villager must have at least 30, FP 3 hearts to receive a gift from him or her.

You’re the only one in the game that can get married, and you can only marry someone of your foggu gender. After the tour, you’ll return to your house to receive your item souvener, and then continue with the rest of your day.

The only negative outcome is that you lose Friendship Points, which you can easily recover with gifts and attending festivals. Each flower event can only be viewed once.

Klaus | Bachelor | A Story of Seasons Help Guide

Raeger has had enough of it and tells the two of you to go somewhere else and gush about each other. Even though Raeger has had girlfriends in the past, he’s never loved anyone as much as you.

If you play as a boy, there are six girls to select from, and if you play as a girl, there are six boys to choose from. For the recipe to appear as a festival, you need to buy the Basic Rice recipe set from Sakura Country.

The two of them suddenly notice that you are listening to them, so Raeger asks if you could tell your boyfriend to stop talking about his romantic adventures. There is also a family outing event after your kid has been full grown for at least 20 days. You’d have to be going steady first. Each flower marker on the person’s conversation box indicates the current friendship level you have with that person; 1 flower is below 10, FP, 2 flowers is between 10, FP and 20, Zeasons, and so on.

You’ll find a variety of people living in the nearby village of Oak Tree Town. He also wants to rest a little bit more before he starts sessons for tomorrow.


Your Child

You will have more congratulations speaches from the villagers than the Super Plan. Those who purchased the DLC to unlock Inari’s child will have mzrriage event with Inari where the deity will magically gift you a child without the day pregnancy time.

On the morning of your wedding, the villagers will gather in the festival area for the ceremony. She also can figu your face features when you give her a fruit, but sometimes she’ll give you the prank option instead.

You’ll also receive a flower bouquet or perfume. You will need to give at least gifts and it has to be at least 7 days since you rejected the marriage proposal. A western-style wedding will have the girl wearing a white wedding dress, and most of the boys will wear a white tuxedo; Klaus and Nadi wear black tuxedos during their western-style wedding. He starts to talk some more, but he’s so sick that he passes out!

No need to turn on the light every time anymore! You’ll need to build the Pottery Barn on your farm to make these items. When Raeger wakes up, he doesn’t know how he got there, but he sits back down before he falls over again. When you have reached at least Friendship Points the first heart event can occur. After that, give the person a Blue Feather to propose marriage. Once you reach year 2 in the game, check the message board in the town you are living in for the Bed Build request from Eileen.

He calls out to you for help.

He only wishes he could go back in time and tell his younger self that he made the right decision to follow his gut. There is also a remote Safari Zone where a variety of exotic animals live such as monkeys, parrots, bears, and penguins.

This makes it a little more challenging to judge how far along you are in your relationship. Oh yea, that’s right!