Does the Commission plan to take any initiatives to address potential obstacles to Internet use among these citizens, such as insufficient computer literacy amongst the older population? According to the plan for this road, precisely in this SCI, there will be major road works which will have obvious repercussions on the environment, such as the construction of two bridges and a roundabout. In the Commission considered it adequate to apply the precautionary principle in the case of infants only. In de serie komt sultan Suleiman de Grote voor, die zich daar vooral met het vrouwelijk schoon bezighoudt. De Commissie wijst erop dat zij bij de beoordeling van situaties die mogelijk niet verenigbaar met de wetgeving van de Europese Unie zouden kunnen zijn, de feitelijke en juridische omstandigheden grondig moet onderzoeken en alle relevante aspecten van de zaak uitvoerig moet evalueren. When does the Commission intend to update the rules on animal transport in relation to the gaps between the legislation and the latest scientific evidence presented by the European Food Safety Authority? The consequence will be a manifest deterioration in the educational model and the quality of teaching; furthermore, the number of students per class will increase, teachers who leave will not be replaced, grants to study at public universities will be subject to tighter conditions of eligibility, fees for higher education will be raised, and state investment in public education will fall. De Europese interne markt met o.

As for the recharging infrastructure, the CARS Action Plan announces a Clean Power for Transport package to provide a framework for guiding investments and technological development in this area. The Spanish Ministry of Finance is giving preferential treatment to a number of sports clubs which owe the authorities significant amounts in taxes. It has been a strong supporter of the Special Court for Sierra Leone. In this regard, good progress has been made in implementing the structural reform agenda in a number of areas such as services, regulated professions and judiciary reform. As early as the beginning of , Greece requested technical assistance for the purpose of speeding up the absorption of funds from the External Borders Fund and the European Return Fund. One complaint relates to teaching and another one to the profession of dental technician.

All potentially useful ideas need to be debated and considered. The Commission does not share the opinion of the Honourable Member that there are faster and more cost-effective alternatives. Spetta quindi agli Stati membri stabilire quali colture possano essere destinate alla produzione di biometano per ricevere contributi pubblici.

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No additional information has been made available as this stage. Quanto allo sviluppo sostenibile, le conclusioni che essa formula sono preoccupanti: In this framework, the Commission will enhance access to complementary space data, e.

The question of the use of baby boxes or baby hatches, where parents can leave an unwanted baby, is a matter of individual Member State competence and Commission has no plans to legislate in this area. Access to European airports for persons with disabilities.


Given that recent empirical literature has highlighted the influence of the contractual conditions of temporary work on the psychological well-being of workers, will the Commission launch in-depth awareness-raising campaigns among both workers and employers to ensure that all situations of psychological distress relating to the working environment are recognised? For the age classthe trend is different: Is it considering a strategy for combating child poverty, with specific target indicators and practical political actions comparable to those proposed for combating youth unemployment?

Does it think that this is contravening the Water Framework Directive? Bearing in mind the importance of this gas interconnection for increasing the energy security of the entire EU, does the Commission not feel that it must take action and ensure that this project is implemented as a matter of urgency?

I principali paesi importatori erano Italia, Spagna e Germania. The Commission welcomes the various measures that Member States have adopted or are about to adopt to boost youth employment. Providing travel and consular advice for EU citizens is primarily a responsibility for Member States. There are many obstacles to overcome. Can it provide information about the state of negotiations between itself and national governments as regards achieving an agreement on this Fund?

The Mexican legislative corpus offers a positive and sufficient framework in this sense: Ora immagina un posto che non ha niente a che fare con quello ma un milione di volte meglio. Non si tratta della prima terapia sperimentale volta a ricostruire le aree cardiache danneggiate da un infarto, ma la vera innovazione sta nel punto di partenza. In order to make this correction sustainable, the adjustment programmes focus on expenditure-based fiscal consolidation.

The results showed that in a statistically significant number of workers, temporary contracts have a negative effect on their psychological health and they claim to feel unhappy and uninterested in life.

Both instruments fim to coastal erosion as an important threat for coastal areas. How to fail a successful recovery after trying to act cool! Imposing effective limits on financial speculation on food.

In addition, work is currently underway, still within the UNECE to develop international safety standards for the electric vehicle batteries. Esistono studi finanziati dall’UE sulle cause dell’erosione delle coste?

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One of the main problems is that there is no way to prove exactly where a given fish wtagisti from; in some circumstances for example, when already cooked ; it is impossible even to determine the species. The Commission is working on a thorough analysis of the influence of the powers of the Capital Markets Board over listed companies.

The opinion included updated scientific data on the transport of horses and it is up to Member States to ensure the proper enforcement of the requirements provided for in the legislation. With this method, a batch of fish can be identified by comparing certain markers against those held in a database.


Ongoing sectoral initiatives and new strategies at EU and national level should be aligned with the objectives of Europe and the priorities of the Annual Growth Survey whenever possible with a view to maximising the impact of EU levers for growth and the benefits of economic policy coordination at EU level.

With a view to improving the security of journalists, the European External Action Service EEAS has been encouraging and supporting Mexican efforts in two main directions: La Commissione attribuisce la massima importanza al fatto che la politica sanitaria sia basata sulle migliori prove scientifiche tratte da dati e da ricerche validi.

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A major challenge for EU industry is to make the best of the opportunities offered by foreign emerging markets, especially for SMEs that still present a relatively low rate of internationalisation outside the internal market. Il-Kummissjoni kkuntattjat lill-awtoritajiet Maltin permezz ta’ ittri darbtejn fl fir-rigward tal-kwistjonijiet imsemmija hawn fuq. Can the Commission confirm that the Dutch Government has been using gas to kill geese on its land since April, with the help of EU subsidies?

The Commission is of the opinion that it is at the level of fisheries-dependent areas that needs and priorities should be defined. Respuesta de la Alta Representante y vicepresidenta Sra.

Parliament, in turn, has endorsed the inclusion of investor-state dispute settlement in the CETA, as has the Council.

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The success of the Compact is also key and the MFF is the main financing instrument to EU economy and the expression of the collective commitment to invest in growth and competitiveness. The strategy also includes measures to create new opportunities for industry in the internal market that is currently undergoing a relative period of stagnation and in the global markets that still show much higher growth rates than the internal market.

The Commission is also aware that certain market players have complained about an uneven market playing field, where some players incur compliance costs stemming from the rules of the directive, while others selling competing travel products do not.

Il gruppo di ricercatori ha iniziato a lavorare con uno dei modelli sui linfomi a cellule B che hanno una particolare caratteristica: Mass redundancies at Fiat plant in Tychy. There is no contradiction between the right of populations to develop and the right to a clean environment. To give an example: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: It is glk premature to ascertain which could be frazi specific research issues to be addressed.