Can Man Ok change her hairstyle please He needs to be sortuv fugly so we can appreciate his transformation later. God forbid that the international star should carry out that menial task of picking up packages. Once they wrap, Man-ok says that his sudden appearance surprised her. Kang-hwi answers with a Dost my ears deceive me? And I’m glad I looked past the hair and gave it a try.

She immediately sits up when he does and Tae-ik makes a lame excuse about how cushy it is until he puts his hand over hers. At least king of dramas is still going. When I watched the final episode, I had a sense of completion and thought that it was well-paced. I was led to believe that his condition would deteriorate and that nothing could be done to stop it; he would either become legally blind or totally blind. I can happily go to bed now. I had initially decidedly to give this drama a miss. For myself, I felt fully satisfied with our happy, open-ended ending though kaedejun shares a different perspective Because of the rushed arrival of the explosive Cute, she wants more episodes.

SR is just evil – and mean. Mz Koala many many thanksssssssssss what a great job for all ur hardwork pls accept my sincere gratitude and appreciation ur just super duper awesome what an amazing journey with our OTP and i know this is not end for our OTP but the beginning of their true love story so we will all be waiting here in ur playground for the next real life episode of our OTP to be continued love story?

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I agree with both of you that the swerve into melo was a little sad-making. She does it and he smiles. That kiss at the end But then, Se-ryung notices that the timestamps are all the same date. So glad we got to see the cute!!! Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Reading the above list, I feel so ancient. Your email address will not be published. Kang Hwi should borrow the box of nails from Jongro police station and give her a swing or two.


It leaves a smile on me each time. Love need only be understood to the person in love.

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Her reason is simple: The stylist with no style, I’m never going to forget the teddy bear necklace. I still rewatched story of a man some time, he was so cute there and the musical too, at least, he got more part and happy ending,: Thank-you for sharing that wonderful tidbit! Ming Thein Photographer reframing the world one picture at tame time.

Is there a reason for this? He puts her to back to work on the vegetable garden. Kang-hwi lies on his couch in the dark with his arm outstretched. All he had to do to clear the rumors about being gay was to show that photo. So, my revised impression – he can act.

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Kang Woo Jae, who comes from a rich family, likes her so much that he wants to marry her. I love both of them. La chica si debe vestir un poco mejor. Not watching this; only checked to see if the person in the 1st photo was a guy or girl sigh – Asian stylists sometimes. So, I watched one episode of it. I couldnt get it right. Then Go-dong hug-attacks him. I have seen neglected one eye problems dramacazy both eye problems before. Go episkde it out. Secondly, at first glance, Tae-ik’s androgynous look is too much for me to bear for 8 weeks.

He gets her a job.

By episodr way, I’ve seen spoiler photos, and it looks like they both get new hairdos by the end. I just saw 19 today and there are several twists introduced in that ep.

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Hwa-ming immediately calls Lee Joon once she hears the news, infuriated. You are commenting using your WordPress. Ennayra November 20, at 1: But I seriously dont think thats possible. I dont wpisode any possession and never had, but I have had to hold myself back from buying lunch when I was short of rent, and there is nothing to idolize about starving.


I have just re-watched the series this month and it can surely still has its magic. To me, they’ve done more to make me feel sympathy with Kang-Hwi, not so much Tae Ik. I haven’t watched the show, only read your recaps, which were so good: Tae-ik drives back to Full House, now his since Bum-soo handed the house deed back over to him.

I want to see him in more. It’s just chock full of fun.

It just makes me feel double sad that he won’t end up with the girl on top of everything else he’s dealing with. Most of the plotting was pretty cool, not too cliche.

And the other dramaacrazy of me would be saying, “So noted. I refreshed every 5 mins and i am like a stupid person lurking alone in previous thread… waiiittt meee… Mizweng, Leishers… I need to catch up the comments… shoot!! K… I still not ready to end this… jjaeball… huuuaaaaaaaa.

But I suppose that makes for a more dramatic character and that is only good for the actor. They should win an award.

And what I love most about this drama is that they never give in to all those people who wants them to break up.