How many English dubbed Naruto Shippuden episodes are out? I need some help. OK, I am going to do my stuff threw: If you think that then why didnt you help them? Why are you all so obsessed with Shaman King? Found This Good site it is animeparadise. Can anyone tell me where i can find Naruto downloads in english.

Just sign up, click, download, watch. Can anyone tell me where i can find Naruto downloads in english. Hey narutofan, although i agree with shadowblast, you can find avatar at http: The best place for Anime Video Game reviews. Izumi Curtis’s internal organs, so she will “never give birth to her so desired child”. Full Metal Panic complete! Thank you sooooo much!!

If you have time to waste, go to http: Can someone tell me a good site where I can get Yami no Matsuei episodes with direct download? How many episodes of naruto shippuden have been dubbed in English? If anyone wants episodes of anime go to youtube.

Fullmetal Alchemist [Archive] – The Writer’s Block

Wow…Mouki or whatever your name was…I feel sorry for ya man. I wouldnt mind if they are free.

I can tell you where where to get some nice ass media if you fullmdtal me out. But wouldit have the English voice actors? Where I live, sadly, Anime isnt available. Lunar Legend by any chance? Also, updated list of our media: The annoying thing is, it’s really not that necessary at this juncture to make the connection between the Elric brothers and Yoki.


my favorite is cowboy bebop, it’s amazing – # added by kittensmittens at miku plus 17

I will reply if u email me! Where can you find Inuyasha episodes all of them dubbed in english with no subtitles? They seem to have everything. I need some help finding fruit basket trackers cuz I need the volume 19 and 20 or at least some chapters of volume 19 so pleaseeeeeeeeeee help me!!!!

Shaman King… English… please??? They update often, too. Meghan, r u here? I’m not fuplmetal tsunderish, it’s anjmeratio.

You gotta try, http: Jeff Lawson has a pretty anime reviews blog: Please I just want to watch free anime in english, not download it, just watch it online.

Seriously I need English Shaman King. Then you can get em. Hi I need to know if there are any websites that you can go to to download any of the episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho! Ed and Al used to fight over Winry.

Anyone know whre i can get detective conan from?? Full Metal Panic complete! OK, Now, I have animerati host, but, I want to know, what format would you guys like to see eps in? A link to fanfiction.

enhlish Found This Good site it is animeparadise. If you know about any site, can you tell me or send me an e-mail please? More episodes should come quickly though. I meant to say the animes download on the spot, so you DONT have to do much. Thats it and no bittorent stuff either. Also, I will have some Henti Dont know how to spell it I hope akchemist least three of four. I think someone posted it somewhere up there….


I am looking for a specific episode of inuyasha. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


I want to download Digimon episodes or Digimon savers …. I also want Sailor moon but I dont think they are available but if they are email me and lemme know pleeeeease. Last order Final Fantasy: Does anyone know where i can direct download, Samurai Deeper Kyo and Tsukihime: Can someone pls get me a website which i can dl hellsing DDL im tryin to dl it eplsode my gf…n im havin so much trouble findin a site…n i dont want to post up forum craps to dl it…pls someone give me a website.

Here you will find nearly every episode shown on Cartoon Network but are animeratlo yet available to purchase. Called The Subwire http: And the fruits basket episodes in english.