Do yourself a favor and skip this movie. Download Hindi dubbed audio only form http: And I never say that. Home Action Gallowwalkers Subtitles for Gallowwalkers. The only reason I’m not giving this movie a flat “1” is because of the respect I used to have for Wesley Snipes as an action star. Oh and I wouldn’t call the dead guys returning Zombies either I don’t know what they are but they are not Zombies.

Nothing in this movie worked. And what’s up with the bad guy with a bucket on his head? Or that guy who’s head like like a sack of potatoes? Andrew Goth, Joanne Reay Writer: Really, really atrocious filming in that scene. This movie was recorded based on IMDb’s info in while he got arrested for tax-fraud, so I imagine that that put a major halt on the movie and also that major changes had to be done.

They all appeared somewhat self aware and miserable.

Scenes immediately bleed into each other with zero warning or explanation. Fields – Tilpasset af: Snipes is out to avenge his beloved who was violently gang raped while he was off with his adopted mother selling animal skins.

Corrected spelling and punctuation errors from my previous post. The editing is god awful. I suspect that the main idea was to have Wesley Snipes as the lead, while he sort of is, he’s not in half the scenes of the movie, unfortunately cause Snipes is the only thing this movie has got going for it.

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It’s not even him most of the time, it’s long distance views or filming him from the back the majority of the time. So I imagine that they had to rewrite the main xviv guys scene and make him a much bigger role, at least I hope so I’d like to think that this crew could do better than this.


Because Snipes is in it, I kindly give it an E-grade. Which says a lot. In the mean time she dies from child birth Nothing in this movie worked.

There’s surprisingly little action and it’s all anti-climactic. But and that’s a big but and not the ones Sir Mix A lot talked about that are good the plot is just a straight up mess.

Gallowwalkers all BluRay p p 5. And what was with that cave thing about, holy crap! Language Set favourite s Login. My vote is one awful.

The actors delivered the tired script straight subritles awkwardly like some kind of cheap SciFi channel TV movie. Anyways, I don’t really understand the bad guy nor exactly what it is he’s trying to do nor why, he’s angry gotcha but still most the things he does does not involve Xvidd at all, perhaps he’s just a devious bloke who likes to do devious things?

They apparently gang rape her and leave her otherwise completely unharmed, to the point where the rape only comes to knowledge because she becomes pregnant. Well this ended up being pretty long for a review. The storyline is a complete mess and I was unable to write the plot summary since I did not understand anything about this horror movie in the Old West.

That being said, this is my attempt at not letting anyone else get fooled by the decent trailer and the fact that Wesley Snipes is in it.


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And don’t me started on the music, trying to be all Spaghetti Western from the ‘s, but cheesing it up really badly in places. Please rate and comments are always welcome. I honestly felt sorry for the editor of this, but it got into such a mess anyway. The characters are not developed and we just see monsters and shootings without explanation associated to very bad performances.

They don’t bother to explain who he is, why he’s a prisoner, why Snipes even knows WTF he is.

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If you like the subtitles, please vote so that others may also benefit from it. The acting was atrocious by everyone.

Gallowwalkers p BD-Malay. Really, really atrocious filming in that scene.

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ActionHorrorFantasy. Sottotitoli a cura di SRT project [ www. Disertai terjemahan teks asing di layar. Some things that may brri; you LOL in this dire bore-fest: Should work with any copy 1: This movie does not deserve a real in-depth review seeing as how it’s difficult to take it as a real movie at all. Thanks to yrs for the timing, but it was a Google translation.