Rakhi had come at the door, and asks if she was speaking to someone on phone? Ganga gets hurt in the process as her head collides with a cart kept nearby. You Ganga think you are too smart! Preeta asks Sherlin to move. Pulkit requests the dance teacher to stay here. I want the same for Chandan and Sagar.

She will cry real soon. Curiously, he walks closer. She sets down to work. Madhvi too reads it — I hate Chandan! They have to balance their body posture and move. They reach the classroom but there are no marks on the floor. Ganga gets hurt in the process as her head collides with a cart kept nearby. Sagar paces in his room.

Bulbul decides to go in to start the drama. We have found the exact measurements once again. We must know how many steps we have to take on which side.

The girls have marked the positions on the floor. Bulbul too wants something modern too dance.

Preeta says the raid was around 1 pm. The girls follow her brilliantly. Ganga reasons that they must know how big the stage is if they have to win. Now our school only will win. She puts epieode DVD in the laptop ad connects the music system with it.

Ganga gets hurt in the process as her head collides with a cart kept nearby. The dance teacher takes them out for a treat as they did very well last week. The groups have to cover entire stage during their dance. Amma ji is sure Ganga would have done something wrong. Bulbul and Chaya do not look happy. If we send it for repair then it will take days for sure. Rakhi asks Dadi and Kratika to stay home. They found everything one by one. Pulkit requests the dance teacher to stay here. We cannot spend that much money.


The first rule of dance is to keep your shoes in one corner. Noor says he cant say Sherlin was stubborn and wanted to know his plan first. Everyone would have found about it if I had removed the wires. I have to look after him and make epidode that he takes medicine on time. Shankar pushes her to escape. Madhvi e;isode her if it was the same guy whose sketch police had shown that day.


Prithvi breaks the bottles and chairs around. Madhvi wants to know the reason behind it. Shankar is on with MLA.

We can make the markings one more time. Think if you are getting weak. Bulbul does not want to waste her time as she knows everything already. Sagar shares with his dance teacher that he is perfectly spisode now. The other kids understood it when I took your side.


I can practice today. Everyone in the family was alert. The dancers perform in a mix of forms. I know how to ruin her plan. Amma ji and Madhvi have got something to give to a sadhu outside. They felt that I cannot do anything on my own. You Ganga think you are too smart!

Gangaa – Episode – August 28, – Preview

Why did he come here? I want eepisode same for Chandan and Sagar. She gladly shows it to everyone. Bulbul had removes the wires, cut them and then had fixed them again.

Ganga Yamuna – Ep – 103 _ Dt 14-10-16

Gunwanti cannot run the DVD player. Next she makes the girls practise standing on their toes. Rakhi says Shrishti already told her, she must be talking to some guy or her boyfriend?

He is 1330 as kids were poking him later. We can make it again.