A few years back a group was disguising themselves as members of the SWAT team and would raid drug houses. I blame parents or lack thereof as much or more than anyone for this. But the same could be said about many cities on the list. Oh, and West Valley is not the “roughest” place in Utah. Gangland is a television series that airs on The History Channel. But keep in mind this is an average for the respective city in entirety. Maybe you have missed the point completley? What SLC should do is take a look at what is occurring in other large US cities and learn from their mistakes instead following them.

Season 3 Episode 5. By the time the’re 14 it’s already too late. Retrieved 16 February And the culture of the gangs is pervasive as well. A few years back a group was disguising themselves as members of the SWAT team and would raid drug houses. From Heaven to Hell offers an unprecedented look inside the Utah Crips, a gang that may look different from the LA original, but is no less violent. Find all posts by cololi. Originally Posted by VC dreamer.

I grew up on South and West.

From Heaven to Hell

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It’s definitely nothing to brag about. The area is called Poplar Grove. So keep posting your hater posts if thats what makes you feel good about yourself.

Mostly in my head 19, posts, read 53, times Reputation: Outlaws in the Midwest. The Hispanic community was isolated and limited to “Central City” an area perhaps 4 city blocks long near downtown. It isn’t just TCG or other primarily Polynesian gangs that the city has had problems with.


The thing that is most troubling is that the local chapters of gangs here assoicate with gangs that chapters in other communities don’t. Retrieved from ” https: You wouldn’t be talking about Glendale and Rose Park by any chance, would you?

History Channel’s Gangland: Crips in Salt Lake. – Page 2 – SkyscraperPage Forum

I find it amusing this BLM guy has so much hate for Utah he spends all of his time trying to put it down. Originally Posted by PHX I don’ think though that the SLC gang problem is episodee worse than other comperable cities, just different due to the cultural issues associated with the place. This discussion thread continues Use the page links to the lower-right to go to the next epiode for additional posts. This is because the city sees not only a lot of people commuting into the city from suburbs for work but also for nightlife, events, as well as people visiting the city staying in hotels.

Although it has nothing todo with developement it’s information. These newly released gangsters not only were more sophisticated in their crime methods they began to migrate. Crips in Salt Lake. Sindicato Nuevo Mexico in the New Mexico federal prison system. But it seems the white people I’m white so not racist. This is a true direction of the youth today. To say otherwise is to be completely in denial Oh, and West Valley is not the “roughest” place in Utah.

Their focus also shifted from turf conflicts to control of the drug trade. Originally Posted by Chicagoland Gang members once secluded to south central and central Phoenix started showing up in Mesa, Chandler, Flagstaff etc. But back then they could afford to be. It premiered on November 1, with a special episode about the Aryan Brotherhood. Aryan Republican Army in Columbus, Ohio. Los Solidos in HartfordCT.


Btw the part about the church was a bit of a stretch, I don’t elisode anyone that would even think about carrying a book of morom in that way rofl. Fortunately it was erased by the city within 24 hours. The Breed in Philadelphia, PA. Of course there was no tcb sprawl. From Heaven to Hell 10 Oct The theme song was performed by Buckshot of the Boot Camp Clik.

There are certain parts of the city you might not want to hang out in but most of it is just fine. Hybrid gangs in Las VegasNV. I have been back there only a few months ago and everything seems nice and easy same old Utah.

Gangland is a fascinating series IMO (zoob dude) –

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