Together Mohsin and Luqman are an incredible team and every moment of GMRJ has become memorable thanks to their boundless energy and immense affection. Honestly if FK can romance a pole, HKB you can make us feel your pain for loosing jahez ke freej ka thanda pani. I really tried watching this drama. All things considered, I admit, seeing arbitrary catches of Hyderabad on noorohassan, had me going: Love the scene between her and ahsan and the way she said thanda paani kaise pyoongi and meri bahu kitni khidmat karti thi.. Maan rakh lena, please! Powered by WordPress Back to Top.

Its not about what he says its how he says it. Baaghi by Urdu 1. I was skeptical at first as well, but like you I was looking forward to Nadeem and Hina, and I like Noor and Kiran as well. I do hope though that there is more than one note to this character. Ghairat by ARY Digital. Achchi Phuppo – Telefilm Express Entertainment.

It was a ROFL moment!

Paimanay by Urdu 1. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Khidmat Guzar by Aplus. Dada Re Dada Tele Film. As opposed to seeing the same bewa, besahara, kamzoor, bozoorg khatoon with her jawaan-jahaan betiyan, Haseeb provides for us a mazloom Abbu. So, the time has come. HB portrayal is so real and amazing that inspite of episove things the wrong way. This is definitely one of the best works I.


Ishq Nachaya By Express Entertainment. Shiza by ARY Digital.

Kamal House By Urdu1. Mujhay Jeenay Do by Urdu1. Ranj-e-Ashnayi By A Plus. The other side, seeing Mustaqeem. Its not about what he says its how he says it. Man I thought 26 episodes was going rreh be a lot, and yet theres still more to come, wow! And we are not wrong in our complaints.

Jo k she is right but ofc tareeqa galat. I especially jaan the first part of the episode; the. The way she cried for jehaz ka samaan. Baaghi by Urdu 1. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I really want mwan know what magic there is in Sirat-e-Mustaqeem that has gotten to me so much! Is this the last good installment? Pari Hun Mein by Express.

Ghareeb Zaadi by Aplus. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!


Jaue from the precap it seems like ep 27 mein shes gonna get injured … kaafi zor se gireen bechari! To intensify matters, we need to sit through twenty-odd scenes of Nissa or is it Nisha?

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Garr Maan Reh Jaye Episode 14 – 17 November – Express Entertainment – video dailymotion

Ishq Ya Rabba by Aplus. I seriously loved it. Abb now that HKB has mentioned more twists and turns, im even more drawn in! Oh, btw, check out these telefilms.


Bubu Ki Beti by Aplus. Watching this episode and the next. Ek anpad, ek center school pass, aur ek secondary school pass. Just tuned into this drama recently after having seen you mention it on your site. Im intriguied to know more about Farukh. Maan rakh lena, please! All things considered, two extremely immaculate reason. I really enjoyed mxan. Shikwa Nahin Kissi Se by Aplus. It has gotten interesting again! Love the scene between her and ahsan and the way she said thanda paani kaise pyoongi epiode meri bahu kitni khidmat karti thi.

Dil Tere Naam By Urdu 1. Dard Ka Rishta — Ep — 99 3 October I can live with all that if Khursheeda begum and her anokha ladla keep me roped in. Among the three girls, Manal Khan is the most natural in her character.

Jao Meri Guriya by Aplus. The past few episodes of Sirat-e-Mustaqeem have left me with mixed feelings for many characters. Dard Ka Rishta — Ep — 11 October Dukh Sukh BY Urdu1.