Show 25 25 50 All. Therefore, industry says, there is no way the water supply could have been contaminated by their operations. Once in the atmosphere, it falls as acid rain. July 8, 4: The problems typically stem from poor cement well casings that leak natural gas as well as fracking fluid into water wells. But in , we realize how deep the corruption spreads. Even before its release, the significance of the film was not lost on the gas industry. Won’t fracking bring us energy independence?

Fracking was formally exempted from the Safe Water Drinking Act by the Bush Administration in via the so-called Halliburton loophole – named after the company formerly led by Vice President Cheney that called for the exemption during Cheney’s secret Energy Task Force meetings. From the incredible reviews, the great HBO ratings, the effusive and impassioned response to our website and Facebook page, the powerful responses of the news media and the thousands of audience members at sold-out community screenings, I am humbled that Gasland has been so well received and is helping to bring the crisis of gas drilling in the USA to greater attention. Some recent modifications to cementing regulations misguidedly include requirements on cement strength. Lipsky says the lab told him the water was so polluted, he shouldn’t use it. Ozone plumes can travel up to miles. Once in the atmosphere, it falls as acid rain. And getting the cement right as drilling goes horizontal is extremely challenging.

‘Gasland’ Sequel Has More Fracking Horror Stories : NPR

But industry’s drilling pierces different gas layers and allows worksyeet to mix. Groat has since retired from his UT faculty position; Raymond Orbach, director of the Energy Institute at UT, which conducted the study, has resigned as well.

Accuracy and availability may vary. Oh, we’ve done our research, alright. But the cement barrier around the wells can fail from many causes, or be absent, allowing gas to migrate out of the well and into the drinking supply.

‘Gasland’ Sequel Has More Fracking Horror Stories

Mall says the oil and gas industry spends lots of money to advertise its message. In this ass-backwards societal system that enables the criminals to set the rules that only they are allowed to breaknothing will be done to make fracking and any other energy retrieval methods safer, unless worosheet Bush exemptions are addressed at their grassroots level.

Please download our responses below to their claims. Failure or absence of the cement well seal allows gas from any layer to migrate into the water supply. Horizontal fracking differs in that it uses a mixture of chemicals, many of them proprietary, and millions of gallons of water per frack. Methane leaks at every stage of a fracking operation, from production and processing to transmission and distribution.


We will be continuing to do the work necessary to wprksheet the film seen as much as possible and to offer the Gasland team’s expertise as we move forward.

Before the wastewater is trucked to a remote injection well or processing facility for disposal, wastewater ponds and condensate tanks release volatile organic compounds VOCs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The flaming faucets documented in Gasland are the product of natural gas migration into water supplies in most cases due to fracking right next door.

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The study concluded that the greatest risk of earthquakes does not come from drilling or fracking but from pumping the wastewater from fracking into deep rock reservoirs. Nope, no technology currently workssheet to make fracking safe. Won’t regulations force fracking be done safely?

The oil and gas industry, though, is critical of his work, pointing out that it ignores the economic benefits of fracking.

Therefore, industry says, there is no gaslabd the water supply could have been contaminated by their operations. The same is true of many naturally occuring but highly toxic substances that are unearthed in the process, then seap into the water supply.

However, the vast majority of fracking in the United States takes place on private lands. No, fracking, as currently practiced across the United States, poses serious risks to the health and safety of communities and the environment. In addition, shale gas represents one of the largest reserves of carbon on earth. And whenever a gas line explodes — it spews those pretty poisons directly into the air….

The idea that fracking is the key to American energy independence is a myth. Join the population and help prevent gas drilling from harming your community and communities across the country. Cumulative impacts are what matter.

And filmmaker Josh Fox is clearly an opponent. Once in the atmosphere, it falls as acid rain. We realize there are dangers in every single modern process, from oil drilling to space exploration to simply driving a car down a freeway trying not to get killed by assholes.


Trichlorobenzene has a variety of uses as an industrial solvent, insulating fluid, degreasing agent etc. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Not only are the flaming faucets from Dimock real, but contamination has been conclusively traced to the fracking-related activity of one particular company.

While there are serious public health risks posed by fracking, there are major impacts on the climate, too. Until fossil fuels have prices that reflect their true costs to society – via a carbon worksheef, for example – renewables will continue to face stiff odds. Industry is essentially claiming a giant conspiracy theory – that these families all across the country are lying in reporting that their wells never flamed before fracking. They see landowners across the border in Pennsylvania cashing huge checks from gas companies, and they want in on the boom.

Why do so many wells leak? I hope it will be a resource and a jumping- off point for your continued research. A well may be fracked multiple times, with each frack increasing the chances of chemical leakage into the soil and local water sources. Don’t we have the technology to make fracking safe? They are colourless liquids or solids with a characteristic odour and not very soluble in water.

However, the current state-by-state patchwork of rules and regulations gives little cause for comfort. Some wells consume much more. Fracking was movvie exempted from the Safe Water Drinking Act by the Bush Administration in via the so-called Halliburton loophole – named after the company formerly led by Vice President Cheney that called for the exemption during Galsand secret Energy Task Force meetings.

Haven’t there been flaming faucets for years because methane is a naturally occurring gas?

Gasland: HBO documentary key driver of opposition to fracking, study finds

This translates into roughly to tanker truckloads of liquids to the well, and to tanker truckloads of liquid waste from the well. Industry is after thermogenic gas because it’s been “cooked” longer and therefore has a higher energy density. It’s short for hydraulic fracturing, which is controversial for its environmental effects, but fracking also dramatically boosts oil and natural gas production.