It was still hard to see that, especially since the person in question was SA. By now two hours have passed, and Sun-woo gets everyone else up to help look for Bong-sun. Quinze August 5, at 6: The actors are great especially the 2 leads. I love everything about this drama. August 5, at 5:

Osen – eNews 24 – Naver 1. Felt so bad for her in many scenes. Great writing, awesome acting and just the right note of sweet, funny and weird. Now that Bong Sun has a new resolution things maybe are going to spice a little, but i hope with her mark on it. When SJ attacks bong sun? That’s probably the most logical explanation, there is only one thing that doesn’t match up tho, if SJ wanted to cause harm to EH why didn’t he let her commit suicide? Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

Ghost Friends Episode 10 FINALE: kamui_lee_chan

She’s a flat character. I didn’t get the “kissed her again and again” or the significant separation!! So Hyung was born in according to Mom’s slip of epidode, and Bong Sun can’t be only one year younger, can she? Then there was traffic.

PBY is so amazing in this production. Maybe it’s like exercise, and leaving the body gets easier with more practice, heh. You’d think they’d supervise her much more closely.

I love when characters go on a trip, a retreat or an MT, whatever it’s called, an overused thing in dramas but if the main characters end up in bed like that, well, who’s complaining, right?

And then asks the chef stupid questions.

He hurriedly crosses gghost legs, which just makes her convinced that it IS true. Like what girlfriday said, I am proud of Soon Ae on choosing the right decision but I am still a little sad.

I mean he says it himself that he likes “neutral BS” best haha. Plus, it lets the evil spiriti stay close to Eun Hee and have a ‘personal’ reason to stay on top of news regarding her Hit and Run so he can ‘clea’r evidence when hit comes up. It gets out the youth in me hahaha!!! It’s not netizenbuzz btw but it’s another good blog. Alessar August 5, at 7: Bong-sun thinks Soon-ae came out on purpose to talk to her, and Soon-ae just goes with that.


Sun-woo comes out because he hears Bong-sun talking, and Soon-ae watches as Sun-woo takes Bong-sun into his room to put a fan together for her. The sequence of all these scenes here just points more at the direction that how all these moments happened between the chef and when Bong was being possessed.

The little girl might epixode a plot device, but I think she is probably a sleeper plot device dramacrqzy be activated later. I told you not to be so careless! Naturally, he had to “take care” of her hence the drowning. I don’t know why but I think she’s suspicious of SJ. I love SA more when I see her in those moments where she gets serious and it isn’t so cheery all the time. I have been refreshing the page for your recap since I finished watching the episode!

Even when Sun Woo was putting together the fan and fixing the hose, he seemed to have preferred Soon Ae stepping up and telling him what he did wrong rather Bong Sun’s approach of sitting back and telling him epiode he put everything together.

Soon Ae literally takes a step back so she can truly see the situation and in that moment she’s sad because she finally realizes she has feelings for Chef. That scene really struck me about that evil spirit in Sung Jae. Like how I discussed at comment Mom starts to ask if he mentioned another woman, but thinks episoe of it.

If this had been a novel, i think the main female lead will be the ghost and bong sun will be supporting. I was able to take a step back because of this episode. This show has somehow brought together a large number of people who are lonely. If it’s a hint it could be to show he sometimes doesn’t know how to act normal in some aspects? Considering she can’t remember the moment of her death either.


I guess she just wanted to confess for confessing sake and did not dramacrazg that opportunity to slide.

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If not, I will understand. All the missed opportunities are killing me! And it is also heartwarming when Soon Ae the one who dramzcrazy Bong Soon although it was because of her possession that little girl locked Bong Soon in the storAge. Played with her hair. I would loved to see more of Bong-sun.

Bring It On, Ghost

Like, what is that? Soon-Ae now has, as she put it, “greed” at wanting to date Sun-Woo. A sudden penetrating, stinging pain in her abdomen makes her scream. The second leads in this drama sure do take their sweet time figuring out their feelings.

In fact, seeing how the writer is balancing out crucial moments equally between SoonAe and Bongsun with the Sunwoo, it’s heading towards Sunwoo loving both girls as a whole, even if he’ll find out the truth later on. Wouldn’t she see if he was possessed?

Now I’m just really hoping it will follow through with Bong-sun taking control of her life because I’ve wanted that for so long now. I am just not happy about this change. T Life would be so much easier. No one really pays him attention. The kitchen staff especially, then the 2 leading girls, the shaman, Sun Woo’s mother, Soon Ae’s bro etc.

And since i also have learned to love soonae, i wish that she gets to ascend and finish her grudge which i think is now knowing the real reason she died with a bang. Will he get to meet SA in ghost form? Find her killer and get justice! She probably always liked Chef but didn’t know how to express it, or maybe she thought she would have more time.