Much stronger than I remembered, a masterpiece of urbanity, the account of the stream of consciousness no less impressive than what Joyce and Woolf were doing, with an acute sense of the contrast between reality and illusions. Father of the Scre It was a scene with a wax phonograph cylinder which I haven never forgotten. For full details of these and all other films in the festival, the Giornate catalogue is available as a PDF by following this link. German Animation, , By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

To cite a well-known silent cinema scholar, there are those who love the butterfly, and those who love the caterpillar. Laurel and Hardy in striped clothes running for their life, chased by the police. In Selig’s movies, Kathlyn Williams became the first American action heroine and serial queen in jungle adventures; also a convincing Queen Isabella in the Columbus epic. Views Read Edit View history. The Struggle of the Giants poster. Email required Address never made public. A major Pudovkin movie I had never seen before, as strong as his most famous works, and exploring new ground, although there is a great unsolvable problem in the fundament the mediation between the political and the private is not really worked out.

If only Lars Hanson was around to complete the picture! In Dreams Annette Groschke: And, thinking of WINGS a few years ago, one cannot go wrong with a lush, Carl Davis scored screening to close a wondrous week of cinephilia, shared with wonderful friends. Griffithwhich are being shown in 12 parts, — The first retrospective, focussing on French comedian Max Linder, was organized as a true labor of love, with a shoestring budget and an audience of eight patrons.

On arrival in Pordenone, the city is very much as I expect it: Soviet montage, German arthouse, a British drama, Dickens in Danish, early sound films and a big, fat two-strip Technicolor feature in the evening. Pordenone post No 7.

“Pordenone Trembles”: The 32nd Giornate del Cinema Muto

What more perfect allegory could there be for the Giornate del Cinema Muto, which for the last three decades has transformed a corner of this Friulian town into the kingdom of shadows.


Also, I have heard only the most lavish praise for this restoration. A Woman of Affairs had it all. Would you take makeup tips from Emil Jannings? However, my Top Five include:. If it lives up to my expectations, I may go to see it a second time at the London Pordenoone Festival on my return from Italy. Published by Peter Walsh. Many of the shorts were in actuality adverts or propaganda films, promoting goods from sausages to perfume, life insurance to war bonds. The earliest Charles Dickens movies Michael Eaton: Actually, it saddens me rather that those cunema films cannot be seen more widely.

As a bonus, he learns to appreciate his workers — and give them the payrises and safe working conditions they have long petitioned for.

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Five Compositions Quartet In the telling of this tale, Obolenskii gives us a sumptuous ball, battle scenes and even dance numbers. The following is a list of some works that have been shown at the festival, as well as themes engaged and directors featured, in addition to showing the complete works of D.

It is the first, largest and most important international festival dedicated to silent film [1] and also is present in the list of the top 50 unmissable film festivals in the world according to Variety. Many of us have been going for nearly ten years some even longerbut it has always been a major highlight of the film giorhate calendar.

Special mention must go to John Sweeney for the accompaniment, taken from the original scores and working both in tandem with the wax cylinder soundtracks or instead of them.

View all posts by Peter Walsh. Colour is used here to tell the story, rather than to dazzle, but the sets, particularly the shipwreck scene and a thunderstorm, are fantastic.


Jeanne Eagels in one of her earliest film roles gives a natural and realistic performance. Opening night is always fantastic, such an electric atmosphere.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Apart from their value as historical documents, the fascination with these often fragmentary pieces is of a more aleatory nature than that of their counterparts from later in the silent era. Reblogged this on sempre in penombra. The notes on Facebook mention experiments in sound and colour.

Thanks for your mkto chaps — I had a blast at the Giornate and would heartily recommend it. To kick off the strand of the programme that celebrates Anna Sten, the Hollywood star who never quite was, we were treated to the emotionally gruelling Earth in Chains Fyodor Otsep, Some heavy metaphorical inserts and a mawkish ending aside, this film consistently impressed and I am keenly anticipating more from Sten this week.

Pordenone Silent Film Festival – Wikipedia

They often turn out to be superb and an absolute delight. William Selig established the first movie studio in Los Angeles and launched the first Western series with real Native Americans and actual cowboys, most importantly Tom Mix.

Mixing plot description, background information on the project, historical insights into the filming locations and a handful of personal observations, the commentary was a valuable complement to the film sequences, and we can only hope that future presentations of Too Much Johnson handle the material in a similar manner.

For full details of these and all other films in the festival, the Giornate catalogue is available as a PDF by following this link. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: