See the couple find out the exciting baby news! Giuliana and Bill begin their second in vitro fertilization cycle, while Giuliana decides to help plan her best friend’s baby shower. Giuliana and Bill adjust to life as new parents while trying to juggle visits from friends, getting their L. Later, the houseguests say their goodbyes. Your browser does not support iframes. Miguel books his first Gatsby to Go client. Gayle hires an event planner to help with a mother-daughter event at the salon, but the planner’s bossy behavior immediately annoys the staff.

Meanwhile, Bill learns about a property in Chicago. Alexa opens her Glam Factory headquarters for business and unleashes her pent up anger on Gayle, initiating a face-off in front of the staff. Then, Somaya and Jessica share an intimate bubble bath. Later, a fun night out for new couple Pauly D. When Giuliana’s parents go on a cruise for their anniversary, she and Bill feel it’s the perfect time to redecorate their kitchen as a surprise gift. So, Giuliana enlists the help of her cohorts, can they get it all handled? Take a look back at Giuliana and Bill’s road to romance.

The Gatsby hosts a Locks of Love event at the salon where women can donate their long hair in exchange for a makeover.

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Aubrey pressures Pauly D. Tensions between Tracy and Olivia are reignited, and Tracy dumps her boyfriend Lorenzo to focus on her career. Anthony goes fishing and learns that Gayle has other plans.

Browsing All Articles Articles. Giuliana and Bill ask Delphine if she will be their gestational carrier again. Filly and Mikey compete in a bodybuilding contest.

Bill moves to L. Against all odds, David convinces Dorothy to go on a date with boll. Bill and his buddies go to Las Vegas to unwind, while Giuliana stays in Chicago to take part in a half-marathon and spend time with her girlfriends. Giuliana throws her friend a baby shower and the entertainment is quite risque. Take a look back at Giuliana and Bill’s road to romance. The singles step outside of their comfort zones in order to find a date for a romantic boat cruise.


Olivia ends her dating drought and starts seeing a new guy, only to find out he’s an ex of Tracy’s! Lorenzo is ready for his first salon job, but has to prove himself to Olivia. Season 2 Episode As Giuliana and Bill wait to see if their IUI treatment was successful, the two spend the most time they have ever spent together consecutively in Chicago.

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Articles on this Page showing articles to of A look back at Olivia’s outrageous Jersey journey. Food Court Wars Season 1 Episode 1. Olivia makes a shocking confession. Would you like to view this in our Australian edition? When Doria returns to work at the Gatsby, she immediately ruffles Olivia’s feathers by criticizing her work.

Season 6 Episode Old wounds are reopened as Gayle and Alexa question their partnership. Darcy Sterling will help them identify their relationship issues. Plus, Bill turns to his closet pals for advice about becoming a father.

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Select Tool form the Menu Bar if it’s not visible, press Alt on your keyboard. Tracy and Briella bond in the Poconos and Gigi catches Frankie in a lie.

Select the Close button to save your changes. Life, Health and Beauty. Later, the cast struggles to explore the art of being sexy. Giuliana and Bill’s baby plans are dashed epiwode Giuliana is diagnosed with breast cancer. As Duke gets mobile, Giuliana and Bill disagree on how to baby proof their home. Old wounds are opened when they rehash their biggest blow-ups and blow-outs. Giuliana and Bill decide to have a double mastectomy to clear G of cancer, but the decision will put sockhsare baby plans on hold for several years.


When Tracy pursues an internship at a magazine, Olivia’s forced to run a Gatsby 2 Go event on her own.

Witness their lives as they try to juggle high-profile careers and marriage while residing on opposite coasts. By using the site, you consent to these cookies. A Gatsby stylist gets off to a rocky start with a co-worker.

Tracy throws a lavish B-day soiree and Olivia shoots her first style guru video. Gigi tries to make amends with Frankie. Alexa calls on Olivia for a favor, while Anthony hosts a special guys night.

Bill tries to learn Italian for a speech to impress his in-laws. With a new business venture in the works, Gayle steps on Alexa’s toes.

Gayle debates selling the Gatsby to Warren Tricomi, causing salon drama. Gayle hires an event planner to help with a mother-daughter event at the salon, but the planner’s bossy behavior immediately annoys the staff. Olivia holds her own fantasy-themed “Gaga for Glam” makeup class and Alexa decides to shoot a viral video to promote her new Glam Factory.

Gayle takes the Gatsby staff on a winery retreat.