Years later, his teen-aged daughter, Marie sent abroad for pursuing her education, comes home on holiday. Realising that he was caught in the image trap of the two titans of Tamil cinema, Sundaram sought a way out. R in My Movie Minutes 5. Anthony seeks the male friend who his daughter was caught with. Whilst fabricating he is notified that, that person who seemed dying miraculously survived, leaving his half-done coffin to no use, much to his irritation. His style of delivery with a long spell of dialogues — like a poetry recitation with much clarity — earned him critical recognition.

Arun, a millionaire, changed not to escape Lawrence or the law for the murder he had accidentally committed, but for the solemn promise he made to the late Father that raised him for serving the needs of poor that he himself wanted Marie to do as Anthony. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eugene Vidocq, whose career provided a model for the character of Jean Valjean. In real life, Major was the maverick Brahmin and Veeraraghavan the orthodox one, and the family was in stitches when they saw Major profess orthodoxy on stage! Behindwoods called the film a story told in a powerful manner. Whilst fabricating he is notified that, that person who seemed dying miraculously survived, leaving his half-done coffin to no use, much to his irritation. Just drop in a mail at toiblogs timesinternet.

Arun was none but her own dad, Anthony, she kept away from him.

Remembering the Father’s desire to build a good community of hospitals and educational institutions for the needy, and knowing it was not possible without his daughter, he decides to do so himself, while both condole the eldest father’s loss. Popular Tags bjp delhi featuredet congress modi china arun-jaitley rbi aap donald-trump us demonetisation gdp arvind-kejriwal featured bollywood rahul-gandhi narendra-modi supreme-court cricket corruption india pakistan economy gst.

As a guardian of Marie and her family, Lawrence was always around them fulfilling his promise of supporting his friend Anthony’s family should he be absent. He would often play truant from school and stand outside the house moviw Neelakanta Bhagavathar, a music teacher.

Turns, twists and drama ruled Sundaram’s life and films

Tracing the boy as a different religion, Anthony meets a Hindu doctor who the boy claimed to be his father, but is devastated to found out he was a profuse liar. The script was written by later Chief Minister mogie Tamil Nadu and his unique voice had a greater appeal.


Abiding by the Father’s request, Lawrence agrees to take care of Anthony after his sentence, but until which he will sincerely adhere to his police duty. Anthony desires that his daughter fulfill father’s wishes that he even refuses to get her married to someone in near future.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Srinivasan Oki Sundarrajan M. However, the Father arrives and informs Anthony that a daughter was born, but also clarifies his half-done coffin was not merely a waste since his wife did not survive the labour. He is a regular church bell ringer raised by the guidance of the kind church Father.

He was also the first Indian actor to be made a Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, Ganesan is remembered as an iconic figure of Tamil cinema. Tamil-language films films Indian films Tamil films gnanz by M. His father died when Viswanathan was four years old, and his mother decided to kill him, his sister and herself as an escape from abject poverty and he was saved at the last minute by his grandfather.

Choudhry is a dedicated policeman, caring husband and a respected man in the community. Before he could confess to Marie that he was none other than her own father, he comes to notice Lawrence was still around. Anthony’s escape led the police department to suspect Lawrence since they were once best friends, and hence his promotion was denied. This article is closed for comments.

Turns, twists and drama ruled Sundaram’s life and films

He was cremated with state honours at Besant Nagar Electric Crematorium. The Father, seeking to correct things, makes Anthony arrange formally the marriage between the two. Best Indian movies celebrating Years of Indian Cinema. The king of our city is a Indian Tamil film, directed and produced by P.

However, he stuck around Marie hoping to find Anthony and be true to his duty. Later, Lawrence, a police officer, and Anthony’s long-lost childhood friend are introduced to Anthony by the elder Father.

He was trained in Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Manipuri, Ganesan exhibited the ability to remember lengthy lines easily. Nedunjchezhian and their transformation of language gnaha to films through script writing, ensured their instant acceptance. Pulapaka Susheela, commonly known as P. Lawrence, familiar with Anthony’s face and body language is suspicious about Arun’s activity being similar to Anthony’s, but he discreetly hesitates as Arun Anthony was a social figure and could not be approached easily, let alone be apprehended.


Attributing his short temper and roguish nature whenever he gets anguished was that which lead him to being guilty despite being innocent by heart, the father gives Anthony a holy candlestick and makes Anthony promise him such that he should become a person of grown gjana and gnwna him to act with purity. Fantine by Margaret Hall.

However, he stuck around Marie hoping to find Anthony and be true to his duty. Real-time popularity on IMDb.

Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed. He had a part in the film Kannagi produced by Jupiter Pictures and his primary education was at Pallikunnu, Kannur. Oll played important roles in K. Mother’s home is a Indian Tamil language drama film, directed by P.

Madhavan Produced by P. He acted in a number of films with Tamil film heroes playing the roles of comedian, fine Flashes of V. Thereafter she dominated Hugos education and upbringing, as a result, Hugos early work in poetry and fiction reflect her passionate devotion to both King and Faith.

Eugene Vidocq, whose career provided a model for the character of Jean Valjean.

Submit Please enter a valid email address. He wrote scripts and dialogues for many Sivaji films. The Father, seeking to correct things, makes Gnaja arrange formally the marriage between the two.

His meeting with thespian Y G Parthasarathy, whose association stirred up his passion for the stage, was equally serendipitous. You can also see our Privacy Policy. After stogy decades, Anthony returns a mature and disciplined as Mr. Arun arrives to know that Marie’s daughter his own granddaughter falls in love similar to what Marie did when she was in her age. At the age of 10, he moved to Tiruchirappalli and joined a troupe in Sangiliyandapuram. Retrieved 25 June On 27 JuneViswanathan was admitted to Tsory Malar hospital in Chennai with breathing difficulties and he had been undergoing a treatment at the hospital for some time.

Edit Storyline An Orphan struck by poverty works hard to make a living for his daughter.