A short clip showing Lionel Hutz is edited in the opening credits. A reference to the floorboard gag is made when as the camera moves up between the floorboards two skeletons that resemble Bart and Lisa Simpson can be seen. In the year , season 75 of The Simpsons is airing. The Adventures of Manny Rivera. Bart Simpson makes a cameo locked in a cage along with the other animal characters Elmyra has kidnapped. Screech debates between dressing as Bart Simpson or Al Bundy for the costume ball. Bill mentions Bart Simpson.

Hibbert appears as a judge in a segment titled “America’s Next Top Surgeon”. Max quotes Bart’s catchphrase “Eat my shorts”. Quote from the episode: Carlos, a chick voiced by Hank Azaria says the line “Everything’s coming up Carlos! Roger tells the audience that “tonight [they] shall find out who killed Mr. A Homer Simpson ruler is seen. Steve is making fake IDs and then asks for “Mike Rotch” and then asks if anyone has seen “Mike Rotch”, parodying one of Bart’s prank calls. After Braca who in a previous episode, John referred to as Smithers shot and killed someone trying to kill Scorpius , John says to Scorpius “Feel the love, Mr.

Bart and Homer have a speaking appearance in the special. He also said his “name is Bert Sampson”. The first contestant answers “Yes The question was “What is Bart and Lisa’s baby sister called?

The software includes 2. In space, Jimmy’s Evil Clone makes a prank call to the U.

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The sweepstakes goanimste, presenting the cow to Larry, tells him to “have a cow”. The town of “Wintergreen”, is a parody of Springfield the parody name is seen on the parodied version of the Elementary School. Page Discussion Edit this page History. Bart Simpson makes a cameo locked in a cage along with the other animal characters Elmyra has kidnapped. A cup with Bart Simpson on it can be seen.


Genie, being voiced by Dan Castellaneta, laughs like Krusty the Clown while shaped like a jack-in-the-box. The Simpsons is mentioned by name.

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Plow jacket and underpants, one shows an image of “Hulk Homer”, one shows an obese homer wearing a muumuu from ” King-Size Homer “, one shows an image of “Colonel Homer”, and one shows Homer wearing the Stonecutters ‘ Stone of Shame. Whose Line Is It Anyway?

The episode’s title is a parody of Bart’s catchphrase, “Ay Carumba! Jeff refers to Disco Stu when talking about a student who is trying to bring disco back.

The guy over the phone misheard him and thought he said Adam Westwhich then led to them discussing Burt Ward and his appearance on The Simpsons. Four different covers were released, each containing a special-effects ornament. Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. The “Fruity Oaty Bar” commercial within the film move partially inspired by the Mr.

Carlos, a chick voiced by Hank Azaria says the line “Everything’s coming up Carlos! Several Bart Simpson dolls are seen at a fair.

Babs Bunny does impressions of MargeBartand Maggie. Bart Simpson appears, although he is wearing glasses. When the Baby spills goanimatw milk on Earl, Earl yells, “Why you little?! When he realizes he won the lottery, Duckman shouts “Woo-hoo!


Bart Simpson writes goanimat phrases on the chalkboard, including: The Power of Five. Crow, imitating Ned Flanders, says goanimatte can I doodily-do for ya? The image on the cover is a collage put together to show Homer saying “D’oh! The popularity and impact of The Simpsons has led to the show being referenced in various other media.

The Saga of Darren Shan.

Julie Gets The Simpsons Movie On Dvd While Grounded – video dailymotion

After setting up a date with a woman, Dan exits the cookie shop and says “Everything’s coming up Dan! Homer Simpson appeared on a picture at the Wolfgang Bucks goanmiate shop.

Joel comments that Tom Servo looks like Bart Simpson with his “haircut”. Sparkle commercial from the episode ” In Marge We Goanimatee “. On page 18, during the interview with Emma Robertsthe interviewer asks her “which Ned is the coolest”, with one of the options being Ned Flanders.

In the background there is a banner running above the store’s front door advertising Squishees and donuts.

The driver explains that he’s lost and cheerfully asks David for directions, to which David responds with “Fuck off, real-life Flanders. October October November 6, July 1, episode.