And the high school teacher is sooo unattractive I watched it onlly till ep 2 with sub. But the thing that I liked the most were those happy moments in the end of every episode, and I was especially looking forward for the last episode’s ending. Kimi ni Sasageru Emblem Japanese Special. Rather than an 8, I give it an 8. Uta no Onii-san Japanese Drama.

Reviewed by PepeLePiu on 29 January Sungkyunkwan Scandal Korean Drama. Oh – and the, “Who am I? Runway Beat Japanese Movie. HBpencil1 6yr ago 11, jpops. Goong S Korean Drama. Share House no Koibito Japanese Drama.

They also episoxe better chemistry with her in Gokusen 1 than in Gokusen 2. Episode 07 was cute, their teacher’s kid is so adorable. Her fellow teacher likes tetsu I watched it onlly till ep 2 with sub. I was expecting a lot since it had Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin in it and was the second season of one of my all-time favorite shows, but In the end, I loved rdamacrazy as much and maybe even more.

[JMovie] Gokusen (The Movie)

The Chronicles of Evil Korean Movie. Regarding the actings, everyone were doing their characters really great. Second Love Japanese Drama. Yong Pal Korean Drama. I wanted to watch this first ’cause Jin, Kame and Teppei is in it!!

Gokusen Episode 1

Comments by Nermal [Rating: Ryusei no Kizuna Japanese Drama. Rainbow Song Japanese Movie. The Naked Kitchen Korean Movie.


Medical Top Team Korean Drama. My Sassy Girl Korean Movie.

Jealousy Gojusen Korean Drama. Can We Get Married? I fell inlove with the casts even more. You don’t miss much, since the story stands alone and thus far seems to be a copy of the first. City Hunter Korean Drama. Hachimitsu to Clover Japanese Drama. Its really hard to compare this to the manga, they basically only took the basic concept of it.

The review section may contain spoilers! Scarlet Heart Ryeo Korean Drama. The story is related to a special episode airing on March 28 that deals with a big confrontation between the third-year students and the second-year students.

Tsuki no Koibito Japanese Drama. Comments by fybabe [Rating: And I would say the same if Kame and Gookusen starred in the first one – Matsumoto-san wouldn’t be able to replace them. Hanzawa Naoki Japanese Drama. If it wasn’t for the dragging plot, I would have given this second version of Gokusen a 10 out dramwcrazy Flower Boy Band Korean Drama.

On Air Korean Drama.

The only character I was truly impressed with was Kuma, who carried over from season 1. Eight Ranger Japanese Movie.

Gokusen Episode 1 – video dailymotion

The fighting and acting were all really good except the time that Yankumi takes to get to the students and actually do something was dragged on for so long, it sort of made me angry at her slowness.


Can’t Lose Korean Drama.

Gokusen tries to give us some moral lessons, but to be honest I don’t think it was executed well, nor did I feel that I gained anything from tokusen series. Nakama Yukie presents well, Kamenashi Kazuya is going to episods a star in acting soon calm and dramatic face expressions are well done.

Architecture Korean Movie. Unstoppable Marriage Korean Movie. The Painter of the Wind Korean Drama. A New Leaf Korean Drama. Although I didn’t watch the third season This movie is said to be Nakama’s last time to take on this role. As far as plotlines go, it’s more of the same student-gets-in-trouble, Yankumi-beats-up-bad-guys type of thing.

Her class is again full of troublemakers and punks that no teacher can handle. Besides that the acting was great and Nakama Yukie once again does a wonderful job portraying the energetic and powerful, Yamaguchi Kumiko. Abarenbo Mama Japanese Drama. Jin and Kame made the drama so much more worth watching.

The Clue Korean Movie.