Rosalee Calvert Claire Coffee The courtroom is aghast. During jury duty, Rosalee seeks Nick, Hank and Monroe’s help to stop a defense attorney with peculiar powers of persuasion on cases that should be quickly resolved. Nick discovers a muse-like Wesen with the ability to influence those she gets close to — some with positive results, others with terrifying ones. During the middle of an investigation of an accident site, Nick discovers a Wesen disease that is quickly spreading. Archived from the original on October 18,

There is a limit to a story where the characters just run around and shoot their guns, even if you put super-beings in the story. Share this Rating Title: Hank starts reflecting on an arrest he made earlier in his career regarding a man who committed murder claiming “self-defense against monsters “. Nick Burkhardt Russell Hornsby Back at the spice shop, Monroe finds himself involved in a situation he never saw coming. Retrieved April 29, The next day in court, the maid who witnessed Don Nidaria toss his wife off the balcony, testifies in detail about what she saw.

Monroe tells Nick about his trip to the trailer with Juliette and mentions her multiple visions of Nick. Don Nidaria Erica Sullivan Angelina Jaime Ray Newman comes back to Portland with some bad news, she has been hired to kill Monroe.

Edit Did You Know? In a moment of defense, his wife accidentally rips his tuxedo, and Don morphs into a Lowen, a lion-like creature. Monroe tells her to get some sleep and offers to drive her to court in the morning.

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Meanwhile, Catherine gets ingredients from Rosalee and makes a potion before calling Capt. Archived from the original on May 10, Retrieved March 11, After taking the potion, Capt. Rosalee continues to work with Juliette in order to fix her memory. Six months later, Castt Nidaria is in the midst of a high-profile court case, facing murder charges.

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Inside, Nick and Hank enter to find Sgt. Meanwhile, Captain Renard faces a very unexpected and unwanted infatuation with Juliette; he goes to Rosalee’s shop to try to find a cure so he will stop thinking about Juliette, and Monroe tells him since Rosalee is gone helping her aunt that his obsessive behavior will get worse as the days go on if he does not do something about it.


Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! With DVR factoring in, the episode was watched by 7. Through research, Rosalee uncovers the gdimm inside a Ziegelvolk that produces the convincing pheromone. Casy court, Kellogg gives his closing arguments to the jury, who inhale the pheromones he’s still projecting into the fuchsbah. Retrieved May 9, I think you need to get down to the courthouse on sixth.

When a Wesen church gets money stolen from an online bank account, Nick and Monroe investigate the members of the church for suspicious and unusual activity. Grimm season casr List of Grimm episodes. There is a terrible witch in that house who spewed her poison over me and scratched me with her long fingernails. Later that night, Juliette envisions Nick in multiple spots around her bedroom, speaking to her all at once, remnants of a thousand former memories.

Meanwhile with a conversation between Captain Renard and Adalind, Adalind is wondering who killed her mother. However, he finds two toads and is forced to aangry which one of them to inject.

Retrieved October 29, In the court, the jury finds Don guilty, shocking Kellogg. Retrieved August 21, That night, while celebrating their victory, Monroe is visited by Kellogg in the spice shop, looking for an antidote for his condition. During jury duty, Rosalee seeks Nick, Hank and Monroe’s help to stop a cxst attorney with peculiar powers of persuasion on cases that should be quickly resolved.

Monroe finds Rosalee sick for the events in the court and decides to find out what’s happening. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies grimn to stream now with Prime Video.

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Mysterious casy mutilations and reports onne glowing creatures put Nick on a case that forces him to question the existence of aliens within the Wesen world. Suddenly, she begins seeing Nick’s flashes to when he was trying to show her the Grimm world. He kills the coders’ characters and then splits them in half. Juliette is released from the hospital, but Nick remains saddened that she has no feelings for him and no memory of their relationship.


For none shall live whom they have seen. Start your free trial.

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Full Cast and Crew. Nick explains to Hank fuchwbau a Ziegevolk is a Wesen that eats toads in order to obtain the psycho-hallucinogenic influence over people through pheromones.

Back at the Spice Shop, Rosalee mixes the sweat into her antidote.

He was the first one on the scene the night Mrs. Views Read Edit View history. However, the trailer triggers more memories of Nick than Juliette may be able to handle leading her to seek the help of Pilar for insights into her fuchsbbau condition. Retrieved from ” https: Rosalee asks Monroe to run the shop while she is gone helping her aunt, Monroe says yes.

Grimm Episode 2.17 One Angry Fuchsbau

He’ll eat and drink when he gets back! Retrieved June 14, Instead of action and violence, the trial, and the weekly wesen, do for a more original approach, where the team needs to do research, think about the kind of wesen they are against and prepare a very specific plan to counteract its powers.

An fcuhsbau book that provides insight into the various creatures featured in the show Blu-ray Only Extended Episode — Featuring never-before-seen footage of the episode “Over My Dead Yrimm.

Eric Renard Lisa Vidal Surprisingly, when Kellogg questions Sgt. Retrieved November 13, She tells Eric it’s “because I’m with you.