May 30, at 6: Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email Google. The second time, I knew she was attempting suicide instead of defending herself. KC asks Sung if there is meat. She sits by KC and feels his forehead and sighs. Maybe there is something to that inverse poster-to-drama quality ratio theory

Or you can just search the dramas name in the upper right side. I think there was one English song, but they played it in two different parts and once interrupted it with a moment of stillness in the middle. When Wol Ryung was discussing becoming a human, I wasn’t sure if she could hear the conversation or not. I found her acting good. KC finds GD eating a nice whole hen in the kitchen. KC stares at TS. D If they can calm that ponytail down a bit so it looks less like the 80s pouf in front and back Dad’s hair is great!

I completely felt everything she was going thru.

Maybe they put all their CGI money in the hawk and snake Give me you hand, Kang Chi. She heads to the front gate, where Seo-hwa refuses to step foot inside.

I kind of liked it. But to stay here, you need to prove yourself.



Create a free website or blog at WordPress. It is beyond that. Episode 4 by Regals. WS wants CJ to wash all the clothes. His looks of love are soooo heartbreakingly tender, and watching him diewell, I don’t think I can do that.

Kangchi, the Beginning

The leader advances slowly with sword drawn, only to get blown back by that mystical force. Epixode is really nice to see, for once I can actually get invested in watching her. Suh it stands, 20 episodes of parental pain and ocnflict is something they could well get out of their story, I will be sad to see the end of it. Kim Dong Gyoon Supporting Cast. GD wants him to scrub harder. The first time, I thought she was going to try and kill the bad guy for revenge.

I absolutely loved it! She begs to be let free, and from afar Wol-ryung watches her sob, feeling moved to help. I was thinking the exact same thing! I saw the preview for the next ep TS tells her to move but she refuses. She takes a deep breath and gathers herself. And there was the gentlest little hint of a pure little semi-romance love in blossom between bro and maid.


Gu Family Book: Episode 1 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

These new stills excite me. LK April 9, at 1: He says it will take seven to eight days. Hopefully, not too many, because I want Lee Seung-gi on my screen, like, yesterday!

Maybe there enb something to that inverse poster-to-drama quality ratio theory Hence the liver-eating, nine-tail-having descriptors. KC and YW are actually hiding in the back.

I was thinking the same! The End of the World is fantastic. KC feels her forehead again and Gon knocks his hand off again. And “butthurt” applies more to you I guess.

Nevertheless, while i have a thing against us having to dramxcrazy Seo Hwa simply because she is a noble lady in distress, I’ll play along. Kim Ki Bang Supporting Cast.