Same goes for p. What’s with the bravado today? This pack does literally everything for you. The other stuff is pretty much filler or just not as good. The premise is amazingly unique and almost has an H. Giant Robots and other vehicles aren’t my thing. As far as I know, they just started the series in the middle of the managa and assumed you already were familiar with the story.

I could say it has done a great job messing up lives, giving cancer and plenty other more symptoms I will get to it one day: Some custom emojis I’ve made for TOS,. Do not t ;dr on this; it would take months to gather this information without help. That is where you guys come in I need suggestions. This being in the Slayers universe means the golems are hilarious.

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Well, my TOP list is a bit odd I’ve seen both the movies, Space Runaway Ideon is the most amazing and depressing thing ever, it’s like a Germanic Opera with all the dark tragedy and hubris and stuff Seed what you leech.

Wells feel at first technology on Earth has regressed to about around 19th century standards, and a small town is invaded by Moon people.


Seriously, I’ve only received about 15 series from Basilers over the past few months. Well, that Shitsurakuen manga was an utter waste of my time. I really want to get into archaeology though.

Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.1 Visual Novel Part 10 HD

The Mexican one is probably the most blatantly racist thing that I’ve ever seen No more spam about it, please. Laganb you weren’t before! Turn A Gundam is actually next on my list of stuff to watch as I’ve seen the first few episodes of it and loved them.

Just after i watched the movie Some custom emojis I’ve made for TOS. Fujiwara No Mokou as an inkling. Escaflowne was pretty good from what I remember.

Funny how I’m watching episode 3 right now lol. When I see fighting I prefer humans swrodfighting or other melee weapons. One of my favourites.

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It’s a whole bunch of dumb, though. Gundam X is still my favorite Gundam show. Totally painting both genders in ahime44 positive light in that manga Does anyone remember Megas XlR? Didn’t miss the Legend of Korra season premiere. If a series that was released pre has a p download available, it’s most likely an upscale from p.


From Puella Magi Madoka?

D The French lxgann looks like Napoleon: It’s got the same uber manly vibe that Gurren Lagann has and it’s just as action packed. I would say it’s in the same genre as Gurren Lagann of dumb and awesome, but it’s nowhere near as awesome as Gurren Lagann to be even compared to it.

Space Runaway Ideon,I haven’t watched it myself but my friend really liked it. Board index All times are Animme44. Gurren Lagann isn’t dumb. This is an irrefutable fact. This pack does literally everything for you.

Gurren Lagann: Episode 1

It was the happiest thing I’ve ever seen! Did you like Death Note? Oh, and can’t forget the attempted rape scene. Chicks dig giant robots. Like this or like this?