He opens it and reads the cards lying in and removes all the crackers and says he has completely forgot that tomorrow is divali. Saraswati scolds Laajo for her childish behaviour. Lajjo says its fine, we will go some other day. Nani and Barkha laugh. Aisha becomes disappointed with Siddharth’s behaviour, as he tries to ill-treat her. Jasmine looks on angrily. He intends to build his business relationship with Siddharth’s father.

Nikhil goes to Ishana who was lighting the lamp in her room. Lajjo comes to Saraswati and sops her from washing clothes. Ayesha welcomes Barkha and Nani, and cleans the room fast. I have managed everything by asking the neighbor. Laajo feels relaxed on learning about Aisha and Nikhil’s well-being. Gunja tells her that last night she and Nikhil came to see and cheer her but may be she was already asleep. Nikhil and Lajjo come home. Subscribe Now – http:

Perjuangan para kontestan berbakat dari berbagai daerah kembali memanas demi menunjukkan potensi terbaik dari dirinya. Lajjo holds Chaya ochober and stops her. She says Jasmine does not know to draw line. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Make sure to follow a proper diet in order to achieve maximum results!

How will Aisha and Siddharth’s meeting be? Nikhil and Laajo spend some time together. The latter turned to see Nikhil and Ishana began to talk loudly saying she did not dio the festival of divali why all these noise.

Gustakh Dil : 29th November 2013 : Ep 85

She says I know it Sagar is a very good human being, and even then you met him, blamed him, Sagar did not even touch you, this is the truth. When there is a set thinking, we hope to stand apart and go against the wind.


Sign in Recover your password. She thinks of her words. He opens it and reads the cards lying in and removes all the crackers and says he has completely forgot that tomorrow is divali.

Gustakh Dil 25th October Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

The Episode starts with Nikhil asking Lajjo to promise that she will not meet Sagar now. Nikhil and Ishana remain upset on reminiscing about their Diwali celebration. episodw

How will Aisha react with Laajo? Ishana visits Nikhil’s house.

Nikhil’s friends visit his house 25tn celebrate Diwali with him. She thinks of Nikhil but says her hair which her mom and friends praised a lots.

Adhiraj says she improved the room, its Sunday, so I wanted her to sleep and made breakfast for her. Inder tells his daughter not to worry, as he will send money. She lies crying on the bed thinking why her mom sent all these. However, Ishana breaks down into tears on reminiscing about Nikhil.

They make Ishana realise that Laajo is trying to win Nikhil’s love, and insist her to ruin Nikhil and Laajo’s relationship.

Gustakh Dil 29th October Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Laajo feels relaxed on learning about Aisha and Nikhil’s well-being. Sanjay Dhupa Mishra Music: Bagaimana tidak, kedua kontestan ini menyanyikan lagu milik “Sang Dewi” dengan sempurna!

Gunja is very reluctant she enters Lajjo room wishing her for Divali and Lajjo also hugs her wishing her the same. Ishana forbids him from wearing the same. Lajjo says you look tired, we will drop you home, come.


Laajo becomes elated on receiving Ugstakh Chalisa book from Nikhil. Mujhae online trading bohot pasand hainoctoer ki main trading kae jarea apnea aap ko mahesuh kar sakta huunor trading mujhae duniya ghumnae ka mauka deti haior main bohot kuch kar sakta huun jo ki meri passand hai, yeah mera pahella Youtube Channel hai. She says I wanted you to forget everything, afterall Lajjo is your wife.

Nikhil and Ishana spend some time together. Lajjo lies to her. Nikhil gusta,h how come Barkha behaved like that with her. Why is Laajo tolerating such a relationship with her husband? She says true and thinks lets see till when you do this duty. I have managed everything by asking the neighbor. Nani rings the bell. Taking a giant dpisode in its renewable energy commitment, NTPC has forayed into generating electricity via hydro and renewable energy sources in a big way.

He gives her money to purchase a gift. Nikhil says I will lock your car and call mechanic, you both sit in the car.