If it had a tap tempo feature along with subdivisions and trails on, it would be simply amazing. Do you already have an account? While it isn’t actually analog, I find I like it more than a lot of other true analog delays like the Carbon Copy or Aqua Puss, etc. I’ve put several different types of 12AX7s and a 12AU7 in it. All of them giving different results. Dec 13, 5. Dec 13, 3.

No, create an account now. Here’s what the official page says: Jul 2, I tried one out for about an hour and though I really wanted to love it, I just couldn’t pull the trigger on it. Dec 13, 7. It is the only pedal that I know that can get close to the divine sound of the red SIB Echodrive which in turn was actually far better than the blue, in spite of what most people think. Log in Become a member. Eventually, the power supply actually broke.

The parameters that it has are for effect level, feedback, delay time, which also has a switch for setting it to either long, medium, or short, and for analog simulation and tape simulation.

Write a user review Ask for a user review. Well, the irony is that Dec 15, No, I don’t think the repeats of the Guyatone are sterile, not at all. I could never understand why they haven’t done anything yet, since it will be a goldmine for them. I really love the warmth you get from the tube, paired up with it’s versatility in terms of it’s general parameters and both the analog and tube emulation parameters. I would like to try the DC Timeline but I absolutely hate its looks – it looks as if it came from a cheesy space movie or pc game.


Guyatone Flip TD-X Tube Echo Echo Guitar Effect Pedal | eBay

When I decided to get one back then, they were gone. I had one and it was DOA, returned it and got another. Eventually, the power supply actually broke.

yuyatone You still have clarity on the dry signal but the repeats have this warm, fuzzy blanket that’s just beautiful. They don’t come up often. Dec 13, 2. Share This Page Tweet.

Guyatone Flip Series TD-X Tube Echo

I tried one out for about an hour and though I really wanted to love it, I just couldn’t pull the trigger on it. Dec 13, 7. PlusI believe the price is not so hight. Dec 13, 1. LastDec 13, Dec 13, 3.

Guyatone TD-X Flip Tube Echo

If you want to use this for some really great Pink Floyd-esque solos, you’ve come to the right pedal. The Flip Tube Echo also has true bypass. I have been trying to locate one of these pedals for such a long time, can never find it or just happen to miss it on the bay.

I have also come across it in other pedals but I don’t mind it certainly not in a band setting where it absolutely disappears. I shouldn’t write all this about the red SIB – ebayers will probably start asking even more insane prices on them, unless the reissue that we have been waiting for since finally comes out We listen, we learn and if we misstep we are not afraid to do the right thing.


I really still want to hear one as I always heard good things. May 25, Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

I don’t care how good they sound, I just can’t do it. I don’t have one!

Unfortunately, I’ve heard that it faces some reliability problems info that can’t be verified, of course, so take it with a pinch of salt. Very old school, for lack of a better term. It isn’t rack mountable in any way as it’s a stomp box.

Search Media New Media. I also love the tape seris knob that cuts out low and high end the more you turn in clockwise. It’s got a real tube inside of it, which gives it a lot of character. The old notice in the www. Did you find this review helpful?