Lion has a ton of work, the ham hams help him out. But the Ham-Hams don’t like this and neither does Mr. As Laura heads out to summer camp, Hamtaro and Oxnard come across a young girl by the name of Heidi, who’s trying to find the ocean. Yoshi and Charlotte’s wedding day has finally arrived, but Charlotte is nowhere to be seen. Hamtaro wants to go outside with Laura, but she leaves him behind because she thought he might be getting a cold. Hamuhamu Tankentai ” Japanese:

Towards the end of practice one day, he gets into an argument with his teammates and quits, despite the fact that the regional championships are coming up soon! Also the only episode to air in another country before its Japan airing. Kuma Jirou ” Japanese: Shiawase No Pendanto ” Japanese: Cappy is sad until Stucky shows up. Laura finally finds Kana, and they also watch the fireworks. After Boss saves Bijou from a big ball that was headed toward her, everyone says that Boss is like a knight. Hamtaro dreams that he is a superhero, Maxwell is a villain, and Otome, Lion and Bear too.

The Ham-Hams meet Marron, a friend of Tomy-T hamtafo Eggy-P, and she tells them that the vegetable orchard will be in trouble because of a coming typhoon.

Hamtaro and the others try to save them just as Harmony arrives to help. O Hamu to Chourou ” Japanese: Robo-Joe takes the Ham-Hams flying in a plane-like transformation. Bijou wants to see a rainbow and the Ham-Hams decide to find a rainbow for her. Hamtaro, along with the other Ham-Hams, go to the beach anyway, by hiding inside the family car. Hamtafo Maxwell be able to tell Sandy that he loves her just as much as she loves him?

Yakiguri Seijin ” Japanese: Zack plans a date for Goldie and Curtis. Can the Ham-Hams find the cub? Omoide no Ehon ” Japanese: Laura has been feeling a little down lately, so Kana decides to 17 her romance fortune.

Oxnard accidentally lets the chickens out of the cage. Yoshi a letter at the church stating that she can’t be at the wedding without her father being there for her. Who could her winged messenger be? Please episod improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Laura, her parents and classmates, and Mr. Yoshi is hesitant to propose marriage to Charlotte, so the Episoee do what they can to help him propose. The Ham-Hams decide to help and everyone gets gifts from the hamster-Santa: Daisuki Don-chan ” Japanese: Will she ever go back to Glitter?


Epjsode Ham-Hams meet Gelato, a hamster not from Earth. Touge No Obake ” Japanese: Brandy’s Great Race ” Transcription: Super Hamster Robo-Joe” Transcription: Laura and Kana and their parents visit Dylan’s farm, and Oxnard wants to tell Pepper that he loves her, and at the end of the episode, Oxnard stays with Pepper and Dylan.

Mob Psycho 2nd Season 54, 1, 4. Laura’s Dad has heard, however, that flowers are starting to bloom around Shimmer Lake! Fushigi epislde Tane ” Japanese: Nin-Ham falls out of the sky and tells the Ham-Hams he has a special mission so they won’t think he’s clumsy.

After Bijou’s farewell day, she returns the next day because Maria’s family decided not to go to France after all. But things begin to go awry when Hector the ostrich not only escapes from his cage but also takes the picnic Mr. The Ham-Hams try to help Penelope out of her disappointment and bring her to Ethan’s school, where surprising news awaits the anxious and unsuspecting Penelope. But her mom won’t let her. Laura and her class are studying the star constellations at school, and have a field trip planned to study the Milky Way under the real night sky!

Hamtaro introduces Robo-Joe to his fellow Ham-Hams, but all things go awry when the mechanical hamster begins to malfunction and runs loose into the city, getting into a lot of trouble. They end up looking for it on a mammoth, but Bo and Hamtaro are sucked into its trunk! Lazuli makes seeds that bring the statues to life, but the evil statues mess up Otome’s crew’s Hero-Ham tribute.

The Ham-Hams use Laura’s hat to get her father’s attention and successfully lead him to the girls.

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This is the last episode to be aired on Cartoon Network, ergo, last episode aired in the United States. Yoshi accepts the challenge, but at the same time another man whom Chairman Rooster admires is also going for the prize. Papa No Megane ” Japanese: Boss wants to head to the beach and go sailing with Bijou by allowing the fellow Ham-Hams to help him overcome his seasickness.


When becoming members of the site, you could use the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting anime. Bijou gets lost in the city, only to meet an alley cat and her kittens.

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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Sub 69, 3, 4. Will they find the treasure of sunflower seeds? Bijou, Sandy, Pashmina, and Penelope notice that there are not many female thieves in any stories they’ve heard before, so they and the other Hams come up with a story that involves a trio of female thieves known as “The Little Bandits. They are taken to a place in the woods where they find Oxnard, and they meet gardeners named Eggy-P hamtqro Tomy-T.

Sandy and Stan get into a big argument and storm off.

Otome’s crew continues to idol Hero-Ham, still not knowing it’s Boss, and they keep Lapis up all night with the noise epiosde their building tributes to Hero-Ham and statues of who he’s defeated the Three Crow Ladies from and the Muha-Muha Alien, who was also Boss in disguise, from episode The Ham-Hams meet the Rainbow Girls, loyal servants to Prince Bo, and they need to take a special basket to a high floating island.

Jangaru Oukoku ” Japanese: In her kingdom, an evil desert cat wants to marry the princess to take over episodw become king. But Oxnard crashes into him, and all his things go everywhere! Forgot Password Back to login. Raion Sensei ” Japanese: