Li Ren, there is a word for this. Kirk, Spock – Complete. Sign in Already have an account? A Day With Watanuki by flacedice reviews Yuuko has a lot of customers. The Chill by XiggyMatsu reviews It was the marimo’s fault he fell; in that damn icy river, and in love Or will a certain moss-headed swordsman find it by accident? With the help of old friends and new can they save Ben so he can save the world. Everyone Has Wings Ah!

Add in a nosey Angel who decides to give Sanji love advice, will these two idiot love birds find each other? It started with a spontaneous dance, but perhaps there has always been a deeper connection between them. It probably has something to do with him becoming the head of the Vorkan Corporation upon turning twenty. Can someone recommend me a good shoujo anime? Spirits of the Past Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Seeing spirits isn’t even going to register as a problem after this. I like the new personal stories in each episode. Posted June 16,

The power of words, and of masks. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Pinky and the brain were cartoon characters, not body parts.

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Or will the last Espada simply self-destruct? Esishounen, I’m kind of trying Bokura Ga Ita except my interest keeps wavering. Yeah…Li Ren is kind of being a dick, but Eugene gives Kajika alcohol and also is frequently attacked by hysterical people with guns.


He does not, however, tell her details regarding their identities and leaves it to Kajika to discover the bachelors on her own. Or will they stay stubborn and lose each other forever? Together, Forever Ai Mai! Sections of this page.

One day he saves a human-prince from drowning, and it’s love at first sight for the little merman. Mumpsimus reviews One shot: Kuro is too amazing!!!!!

Evil Marine captains and torturous subordinates, big scary oceans and an even scarier bath time! But not without some fun along the way.

One Piece – Rated: Are you sure you want to delete this answer? ZoSan, zoroxsanji, zoro x sanji. Go To Topic Listing Japan. Highly suggested that you watch the first three episodes before reading this because it has quite a few spoilers in it.

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One-shot Ichigo gets some counseling, so why is Uryu concerned? I was an anime freak. These are annime pretty different situations, though. I’m currently reading Watashi ni xx Shinasai it is so addictive.

The Chill by XiggyMatsu reviews It was the marimo’s fault he fell; in that damn icy river, and in love The Professor’s Wife by Foolish Mortal reviews The students all said that Professor Doumeki had a wife who made him lunches and impeccably pressed his shirts.


Maybe it has something to do with my age lol.

Tony’s arc reactor is fairly invasive and must have other side effects beyond the palladium poisoning. Asobi ni Iku yo! Will the swordsman win back his love? Nowhere by Ajalea reviews One Shot.

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Women, cooking, cigarettes, and Zoro looks back on a very special event that happened in his life, and discusses the future with Sanji. Will he take the bargain? Sekai Tougou Hen Tales of Symphonia: The Grim and the Reaper by Junichiblue reviews Ichigo never expected a thank you.

I bet you give them the choice of killing themselves or you!

She is finally sent off to school in Japan, but is called away to her father’s home in New York very soon after. Turns out being handcuffed isn’t so bad DaSh even if you don’t squint.