Then I thought about my mother who went to sleep Tuesday night, October 28, and never woke up. Losing my Father a few years back but still feeling connected To Dad every time I hear Harry give the play By play of every game. The way it just seems right. You will be missed forever. Last summer I was receiving radiation and chemo-therapy. In , Bob Murphy a Mets broadcaster who retired in passed away. Sue Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts. Now they are reunited and calling games in Heaven.

Harry Kalas… God Bless you and your family, and may you rest in peace. I wish my children would have had an opportunity to grow up with Harry too. Share This Page Tweet. Me and my friends when we wre little use to try and copy his great voice. I loved listening to him broadcast all those games and especially hearing him calling homeruns. For the past 16 years I have been raised to know this legendary voice.

I am 30 now and will always be a little kid when I remember Harry. Kalas had one of the greatest voices in broadcasting and more than that he was one of the nicest people in the world. My first memory of a family trip was to Vet Stadium in to a Phils game when i was 4. As a 38 year old Wrld Phan, I never knew anyone else but Harry behind the microphone.

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The players, coaches, and managers came and went, but Harry was always there. Hearing about the passing of Harry Kalas was so shocking. I hope he and my dad will meet in heaven and watch them win again. I believe it was the 6th inning. RIP and thank you again for all the wonderful memories.


Unlike most broadcasters, these two had a passion for harey game that came across over the airwaves. Yesterday was the last time we all got to hear him and his excitement for a Homerun and a Win! The Phillies will never be the same again. I like millions of Phillies fans I fell in love with this team, players and broadcasters. He was the best. I love his voice so much I have him as a ringtone on my cell. You are all I know and heard when I watched the Phillies.

I especially always loved his sign-offs too…. The Voice of The Phillies….

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Thanks for all those years and God Bless. He was the voice that drew you into the game, made you feel like you were there and excited you with each play.

Jul 23, Messages: I chatted with him for a while, talking about his remarkable career.

I believe this can be done down on the concourse now for a fee, but back then you were selected randomly and it was free. He later wrote me back and told me to come to the ball park one game and he will take me to the broadcast ssries. Things are just not going to feel the same.

I have lost a part of my childhood, my adolescence and my middle age, all through the death of our wonderful announcer Harry Kalas. We would go downstairs in our basement and turn on the game. You will never be forgotten!!!! Thanks for the memories of last kala — it was so magical a time. How rare to have an announcer be larger than life, bigger than a player and the voice of generations of fans.

Harry was a great announcer and a wonderful person and I hope someone has a cigar for him and his spirit gingtone he is.


Over almost 40 years in Philly, Harry was always seen by players as a friend, a mentor, a fan, and a teammate. He did so with a smile on his face the entire afternoon. Call the Last Three Outs pt 6.

I lived in Philly for 40 years and relocated to South Carolina 15 years ago and was able to pick up on the radio at night to hear Phillies games. Take care my friend. World Champs by That is a rare quality in a person. Listening to him always made me happy whether the news aeries good or bad for the Phils!

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We were driving in Conshohocken when a silver Chrysler pulled up rungtone to us. We talked a little about the upcoming season, and if this would be the one for the second World Series title.

He always made them fun and i loved how he always put his personality in his broadcast. I am completely shocked and speechless and very affected by this news. Harry was one of the nicest, warmest and most gracious people I ever met. I love ya Harry and always will! Build Learn More Wordl To I spent countless nights in my childhood drifting asleep hardy the sounds of Harry and Whitey calling what seemed to be loss after loss this was the late s and early 90s. Harry loved the Phillies and there was no doubt that he felt the pain and the elation that we as a city felt.