The song was verified stolen from the Najwa Karam Office and released without her permission. Being straight or gay wont change what I said. MTV should just go back to being closed as it was better for everyone that way…. With its slow rhythm and different style, unusual of Najwa’s music, it reached the top ten singles, and became a favorite, especially among Najwa’s fans. Third, all the jokes are stolen from whatsapp, facebook and twitter. Showcasing her powerful vocals through the traditional Lebanese Mawwal , Najwa won the first place Gold Medal along with modest public exposure and her father’s approval. July 15, at 9:

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The album is considered to be Najwa’s strongest return to her original style since “Saharny” He is smart, funny and extremely talented. The music had all the makings of distinctly Lebanese music: It was argued by these tabloids that it was disrespectful for Karam to release new material at such a time. May 3, at With its slow rhythm and different style, unusual of Najwa’s music, it reached the top ten singles, and became a favorite, especially among Najwa’s fans. What he is doing is a failed attempt at trying to be funny.

May 14, at 5: The song, along with its video clip, which featured in it karsm Guinness world record for largest plate of tabbouleh, sponsored by Najwa, were well received, and reached great success.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Najwa Karam’s Official website.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The album title was inspired by her nickname, “Shams el-Ghinnieh” “sun of the song”which was given to her by the Lebanese people and media because of her vocal abilities.

ماذا قال عادل كرم عن زين الأتات ؟؟ في ‘هيدا حكي’ .. |

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I hxki peace to spread in MENA region this is crap coz they dont care at all …in this program he meets those celebrities and talk about what they do, laugh, and flirt as all Lebanese men do, and let them sing karaam do a fun show….

April 30, at 8: Sha3eb lebneni tefeh w ma atfah min adel karam 2elu u people that are waiting for anything to show us how episove msa2afin w btefhamu u are.

She also travelled to Australia, where her concert there still holds the record for largest ever recorded concert attendance for an Arabic artist. Oyoun Qalbi was a more romantic, reflective body of work compared to Karam’s previous albums. Najwa’s new album was set to be released in the summer, and her personal changes were showing in her new album Rouh Rouhi.


He invites bimbos and wanna-be Lebanese singers who appear because they have no chance elsewhere; he comments on world events in a way which just expresses bigotry and retardation instead of humor and charm.

Najwa’s fortunes took a turn for the better when she was approached by the Middle East’s largest recording label, Rotanaowned by the Saudi Arabian Prince Walid Bin Talel. In Najwa participated in another television contest named Laylat Haz, where she gained greater exposure that would prepare her for her first attempt at breaking into the Arabic Music industry in It was titled Ma Bassmahlak and closely followed the traditional style of Naghmet Hob.

Three months prior to the album’s official release, the song El Tahady was distributed to the Arabic radio stations.

The success of album Nedmaneh brought about a number of awards, including a coveted Murex D’or for “Best Arabic Artist” award, and three special awards from Karam’s production company, Rotana: He just absolutely sucks as a host. This show is one of the highest rated ,meaning…alot of people actually enjoy watching it: It was a fairly big hit, hitting number one on many internet and epusode charts.

An agreement between the parties was made, and Najwa was now on Rotana ‘s roster. After Najwa decided to postpone her upcoming album, a Song called “Wayn” appeared on the internet. Seasob, none of them exercised this kind of discrimination, homophobia, and racism in the way adel or eposode writers of the show actually did. Chill dude no one is stopping you from watching host that reflects your image of a gentleman.

Expert poets, writers, and composers were enlisted to help Najwa make a fresh new musical image for herself to revitalize public interest, and finally draw attention from sesaon wider Arab audience. Saharni ‘ s success was instantaneous, even though there was a lack of video clips for the songs, the album came through on top of the charts, and produced a number of major hits, including Edhak Lil Dounya Smile to the worldand the title track Saharni He charmed me. It also sent a direct message to Lebanese politicians, telling them to act on their words.

Plans for another collaboration with Barakat are underway. Soon it was generally concluded that the hand belonged to a recording artist, but there were many conflicting suggestions as to whose it was.


Taking this success, Najwa got back to the drawing board for a new album. In mid AprilKaram released a third and last single from the Kibir’el Hob album, accompanied by a video clip, and proved to be among the most popular Arabic songs of the year As her parents emphasized the need for an education and a career, Najwa attended secondary school at Jesus the Angel College and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.

MTV should just go back to being closed as it was better for everyone that way…. Karam rose to stardom throughout the s, earning the moniker, Shams el-Ghinnieh “The Sun of Song”from her eponymous album and topping the charts throughout the Arab World with her albums, Naghmet HobMa BassmahlakMaghroumehand Rouh Rouhi.

She found a number of fans in the U. I have been living abroad for more than 25 years and this is the first time someone in Lebanon i enjoy watching. I was more disappointed in Aline Lahoud than I was in Adel, although they were both equally guilty. He is merely crap.

Najwa Karam

After the sell-out world tour, Najwa returned to Lebanon with a fresh mind and new song ideas. Being straight or gay wont change what I said. Retrieved 19 August Anyway, lots of fans too, so as long as the show is bringing lots of viewers, who cares? Haifa Wehbe attended the dinner party which was held after the press conference telling the press that she was glad to accept Najwa’s invitation and delighted to be part of the celebration. It was to be on her upcoming album.

The wide success of Naghmet Hob fueled a concert tour and a number of awards for Karam, including a prize from the Lebanese Broadcasting Association for the Best Artist of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

However, the title track did become quite popular. This time it was an even maram Saudi Arabian company.

The advertisement had the public wondering what message the posters were relaying, and who did the epiaode hand belong to? When Aline auditioned which, quite frankly was rubbish for the voice, it was Mika who pressed the buzzer first.

Sexual jokes stopped being funny in