I worry every week about Shin-hye-s health. Give someone else the chance to shine. Grandpa didn’t react violently to the news of S and GW dating, so does that mean he approves of their relationship??!! The tough exterior is his defense mechanism because he probably gets hurt easily. Both Shin and Gyu Won care about their respective musical styles at the exclusion of all else in their lives, but can the two divergent passions be reconciled? I am really sad that this is going to end next week.

I’m happy to see Yonghwa trying again – he didn’t take the intense criticism of his performance in YB with too much grace – have to give him credit for not backing away from discussing the subject while appearing on various shows. For a youth drama, this is a great message to send to its viewership. I am saying this out of love by the way, I know his intentions are good, but he still needs to learn how to give GW space. I also agree with Maria in that it revives the simple, carefree youthful feeling: Director Pyo Min-soo is a “genius”. An additional character quirk: I love that he finds her while on the search for his other great love, food. But when the show ends, the attendees file out while making disgruntled comments about false advertising.

It would make up for the lost episode. He does not want Sun-ki encouraging Kyu-won to take up western instruments. They smile fondly at eplsode remembering each other, and when Kyu-won sees the pictures, she says that he pursued her first. When she asks him to wish her classmate a happy birthday, for instance, he obliges her and sends the crowd of schoolgirls into a squealfest. Loving your recaps and the show.



The girls creep wpisode the halls as the boys reach the same corner from the opposite direction. Ji-young tsk-tsks Sun-ki for getting kicked out so soon. Thanks for the surprise, javabeans!!! Episode 4 by Regals. Noelle August 12, at 1: Anyway, thanks kaedejun for the recaps, you make this drama even better to watch.

Thanks for the recap. She studied it once in her life.

Only then will Shin be able to learn some more depth about traditional music. And it will have lots of amazing music, like on this ep the mix between korean traditional instruments and “modern” instruments electric guitar, drums. As this could potentially prevent Kyu-won from coming to school, Jun-hee finally breaks. Even the Three Angry Girls no longer believe that Seok-hyun and Kyu-won had an affair, since Shin took Kyu-won away, and hotels have a bunch of other things besides rooms.

She struggles with her suitcase on the bus, and he silently carries it on for her, without sparing her a glance or a friendly word. My, he’s even hotter now! There are Blue’s recaps.

I didn’t expect the recap to come out today because you always compiled the first two episodes together. The ending is probably going to feel a bit rushed.

Shin finds her in school and they head over to practice together. Because once in a life of a girl high school or collegeshe went through that stage in her life.

Completely frustrated and angry, her mother makes a drastic move. Anyway, thanks for the recap!

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I think they’re called The Stupid minus the ‘s’ Song Chang Eui Main Cast. Shin so cuteee to Kyu-won.


I’m a sucker for good heartstriny like that. Please let it just be the old guy stroking his own ego or something and not that Shin is his grandson! JELL with her mom August 12, at 8: Do you believe in love…. Finally, she tells him plainly to stop watching her in the studio, or waiting up for her, or worrying about her foot. Looking foward to this and need my new fix after much adoring of Best Love. It was so cute! One thing about Yonghwa is that he’s really a musician first and drramacrazy, and he acknowledges that fact with pride.

Thank you for the recap! Shin is furious and wants to skip too, but Kyu-won convinces him to stay.


Kyu-Won also comes from a family who has one of the three best pansori singers in the world. To think, I, too, had such silly thoughts: Yea I agree, the chemistry is baaaarely hanging on by a thread but I like how they film the couple scenes so I can deal.

I agree so much with your comment. Hence, why you may be having trouble relating to this drama-and possibly the rest of the Asian dramas.