For example he says sometimes hands are glued on and this makes routine work difficult to do. I think you can clip the dial feet and solder them in the right position or use Jake’s adhesive dial dots. Here is a link to the movement: The main problem is the dial might be too small and go through the case. I just received my Helenarou , which according to my research is considered to be the best ‘out-of-the-box’ replica. If I can get that fitted without breaking the bank I’ll be totally satisfied with the watch. HR has got back to me and offered to send me another dial.

I wonder if Jake B’s Black Bay dial would fit this case. Then there’s the problem of sourcing the right red gold hands for the ETA I also took advantage of the opportunity to order a Bond bezel which my watchmaker fitted. Sorry for the quick and dirty phone pic. Send it to rollie if you’re in UK, may just be dust or ask for new dial only and let rollie change it out, simple job. I think you can clip the dial feet and solder them in the right position or use Jake’s adhesive dial dots.

To support our forum and to make sure our satch software works as intended we ask you to disable your AdBlocker or to whitelist our website in the extension. Despite initially preferring and ordering the red triangle bezel version, I now think the Bond version has the simpler and cleaner look.

FS: Helenarou James Bond/Connery Submariner Homage

These are an easy watch to work on. Like I say these aren’t a cheapie, worked on mine and they’re quality. As it happens blemishes on helennarou original dial were able to be cleaned bnd easily and I didn’t need the new dial so I sent it back to HR. This is half the price. What do you fellow ‘WIS’ suggest for a solution?


Last edited by Inq; July 24th, at A stressful option because of the ever present possibility of it being lost in heelenarou mail or seized by Customs. Or send it back to Helenarou to get fixed? To be fair one mark does appear paint which is not acceptable Ask him if he’ll send you a dial and I’m sure your watch guy can sort it from there. Kind of a ‘poor man’s’ MkII Kingston.

Back to saving alert. Originally Posted by wirelessness. Sign In Sign Up. The only thing I don’t like is the bezel teeth appear to have the wrong shape if I am not mistaken, but that’s minor when compared to all of the pluses.

Originally Posted by Fullers How is the feel of the bezel when turning it? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Throw an ETA in there and this is a hell of a watch.

My Franken SMP It really is helenariu beautiful piece.


Comes on a brand new high quality black nato strap plus the helenarlu unused Sean Connery reproduction nato. Another positive for this is the fact that you get a highly accurate crown installed, too. That is a very nice watch. Photos of my new Helenarou Bond watch Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Please PM me for questions.

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I’ll helenaroou sure to drop you a line when I get the replacement. When it gets here I’ll post some pics. I’m very happy with the crown.


The cost of the Helenarou depends on what movement you choose and whether you go for sterile, Rolex branded or custom printing. The shape appears to be very accurate when compared to gen crown pics on Hodinkee.

A bit of dust in the ‘O’ of ‘Rolex’. I believe the dial on the Helenarou case is 29mm, helsnarou That’s very reassuring to know.

The watch was assembled just a couple of months ago and is in very good condition minus a small nick on the bezel by 1: Pressure Tested over m, but we rated at m Lug Width: Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

If you are referring to the bracelet cost, mine came as part of a cheap Sillix? Previous 1 2 template Next. Don’t touch the crown. I have sold on here many times. Bon to capture the gloss of the dial It’s a lot less than the Connery case. Actually it’s more homage than replica as its design brief was to be a modern interpretation of theie. Here is a link to the movement: Register a new account.

I am no expert modder, but I believe the greater issue will be compatibility of dial to the movement. Sellita movement if I recall. Then there’s the problem of uelenarou the right red gold hands for the ETA