The watch does a lot of great things. Look out for bargains on ebay, bu at USD on amazon, I guess it is better to buy it brand new, since you still have the warranty form the watchmakers. I din’t like it it much, in my opinion the user menus are very awkward and confusing, I definitely had to look up the manual to get the timer and an alarm set, which is usually never necessary. If an avalanche forecast calls for loading above a certain elevation, I can check my wrist. I received this watch to do a video review listed below. Hi, this is a great watch but i face it’s software problem, it’s shows “runtime error Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Tom Caughlan October 4, at 1:

Anyhow, I’ll report back So this is great for climb. I would buy another though if I had to. Remember Me Forgot Password? If GPS wasn’t disallowed, you’d be able to do all of Barkley with it! October 18th, 6. KenZ October 4, at 6: You can also subscribe without commenting.

Can this be true?! Steve, there is also the VMware fusion zlti-xt for Mac, or any other visualization, and you might try running the software through these on virtual machine running XP or Win 7, or else on the virtual machine.

Do you use that software for the Highgear too? I received this watch to do a video review listed below.

A few months later, I found myself on a Delta flight to Minneapolis and glanced at the Suunto on my wrist. So I can also measure vertical speed. Alti-XT features an altimeter, barometer, digital compass, thermometer, chronograph, countdown timer and time functions. With regards to the features it includes, you can examine and figure out if this merchandise suits your requirement and budget or not.


High Gear Alti-Xt Negative Display Watch – RC Groups

As it seems the Soleus watches will add Mac support for their watches soon than the other brands and you can then use their soft bundles with the XT7. The Schwinn Software Bundle itself: This watch has a hour chronograph. Last edited by JHawk19; Oct 05, at Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. After several email volleys with customer service and still no fix, I have decided to return it to the store. October 18th, 9. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

October 17th, 2. Consequently, I encourage you to check the prices from the qlti-xt shown here and compare with other websites you might have looked at mainly because I am pretty confident that it would be less expensive in comparison with some other places.

Obviously this was a road run here, as you can see, through a town. Combine all the software and manuals available and you xltimeter a real bargain. However, I will say in my tests, I found that based off my routes that I knew the distance of, this thing was generally spot alti–xt. There are 25 comments Bartman October 4, at In any case I’ll tinker with the VS-3 over the next few days and provide my thoughts, which at this point are still favourable Rick rohwer October 14, at 2: The stainless-steel Highgear Alti-XT multifunction watch helps take your performance to new heights, providing accurate, real-time altitude readings and a solid, durable design.


A review on the Schwinn GPS watch http: Sep 22, Pete July 8, at 2: I’ve searched google and on here and saw now reviews alti,eter it.

Highgear Alti-XT Multifunction Watch – Stainless Steel Price – Shoponsale

Because of that, you have a little thicker size. So what you can see is that this is pretty basic in terms of features that are available.

The High Gear is on sale for USD on Amazon…I am not sure if you expect such a great piece of kit to stay in such a nice price margin forever. Get The Gear Guide. Momentum VS-3 I’m just curious if anyone has used this watch? My Video Review can be found here: I really found all those things to be what makes this watch good.

Tried & New: Suunto Vector

Limitations on the XP7 are the battery life and a clumsy software bundle. January 31st, Momentum VS-3 I bought one today – I’ll let you know my thoughts in a couple of days. Is the Highgear XT7 and the Soleus the fame fn watch? At this time there are plenty of requests for this.