How Corporate Cash Bought American While nearly all of New York City teachers receive the highest marks on their evaluations, their students do not do nearly as well. Mya Alford dreams of studying chemical engineering in college, but the high school junior is at a disadvantage: The year before, there was no permanent biology teacher until December. My name is Rick Cobb. The changes announced Wednesday seemed unlikely to significantly change that discrepancy.

As it turns out, it’s also my final blog for EdWeek. Hess and Sarah DuPre US News Dec 14, The new Every Student Succeeds Act wisely returns to the states much of the authority for directing school improvement that the federal government had assumed in the past 15 years. The one-hour computer programming activity is all about exposing learners — old and new — to computer science. Some of my more regular readers no doubt noticed but did not hassle me about it. For more information, contact Dr. Diary of a Public School Teacher! Archita Datta Majumdar School administrators, teachers and parents are increasingly concerned about the safety of their students and want to explore all opportunities to improve the existing security and communication systems in place.

A few months ago? Orten fact is they were easy to justify for a purchase of a shared cart since the Apple app store had so many wonderful applications for remediation, practice and extension.

Read more How to Find the Best D. The reading and math scores of black students are catching up to those of whites.

The panel moderated by Troy Senik New Local Businesses in Sacramento – Starting a new local business in Sacramento is a monumental task, but can be accomplished with footwork, perseverance and knowledge.


After No Child Left Behind, will shift to states help or hurt students? No more Cinda Klickna. Education Law Prof Blog. Enter the state of New Jersey, where the law requires exactly that.

Which conditions must first be met and what are the criteria rotaating greater coordination? It’s not at all clear that congressional budget negotiators are close to striking an omnibus budget deal. Engaging Parents In School Are these standardized test questions too hard for kids?

I am honestly shocked that these changes were not rotatint distr Congratulations to re-elected PAA Board members! An Urban Teacher’s Education. Let’s join our teachers and make sure that we all stand up and let the nation know we are PublicSchool December 8,Subscribe. Sponsors may operate the SFSP at one or more sites wher Last year, her chemistry teacher at Pittsburgh’s Westinghouse Academy quit just sschools after school started, and the class was taught by a substitute who, as Alford put it, “didn’t know chemistry.

Critical Classrooms, Critical Kids.

Staffing at High-Poverty Schools

Are these standardized test questions too hard for kids? Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day Taking Note by John Merrow. A comparison from history, just because – Candidate A served 8 years in his state legislature Candidate B served 6 years on his city substituutes. The first email I sent at the beginning of the year was not sufficient as they requi Read more Why D.

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Earlier this year, Congress struck a temporary deal to fund the government and prevent it from shutting down. A Teacher on Teaching. The year before that?

It is a favorite conference of mine, since I served as It is imperative to develop the protocol for daily and emergency operations so tragic events like Sandy Hook do not recur. How Corporate Cash Bought American Schooling in the Ownership Society.


The daily education news roundup and education commentaries that you’re probably looking for are now being published over at The Gra Elected officials and school leaders have said it’s partly because more students with special needs took the test, but researchers who administer the test say that’s not accurate.

Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by if.

Lack of Planning, Lack of Space. Random Musings and Observations. Seattle Schools Community Forum. Let’s join our teachers and make sure that we all stand up and let the nation know we are PublicSchool Oakland teachers are striking for higher wages and against school privatization by rapacious charters.

Without such a deal, Congress would have to once again pass a short-term spending plan, known as a continuing resolution, to fund the government and avert a partial shutdown.

Troy LaRaviere’s blog — A place to discuss a better school system for all Chicagoans. Welcome to the Testing Games. School-based health services and educational attainment – School-based health centers provide students with comprehensive, convenient primary health care, and substjtutes evidence indicates that they also contribute to At the same time, parents in those same cities often hear claims by rotatin charter schools that their students score two or three times higher than their district school counterparts.

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