During this chapter, the Maskmen learn of the mysterious Igam who is Takeru’s girlfriend. I felt sorry for Eri who believed Kiros saved her from death. Fumin despite being a villain does show degree of concern for Ial who Igam resents for “smearing” the Igam name. The twin girls learn an important lesson not to depend on each other too much. I just thought that it shows Kiros can be quite heartless as he attempted to murder Haruka and Momoko for fooling in. Like Liked by 1 person. Now for the Maskman episodes.

Kenta decides not to pursue the woman because of his responsibilities. This episode has her pitted against Dokuro Doggler who has a pretty awesomely freaky transformation sequence! The Small Swordsman, Blue Episode 5. This site uses cookies. The beginning starts with the Gokaigers appearing though only Marvelous’ actor Ryota Ozawa appears here fighting a new mysterious warrior known as Gaisorg. If we’re going to end it then let’s end it with a BANG! This episode has a lot of spectacular martial arts action!

The Winds and Clouds of an Aura Makman I felt sad for Gorin Dobler that he had to be destroyed. Takeru wants to end his rivalry with Igam, Igam still insists on fighting. Now it’s already December 29, and I decided to add more to this entry.

Eri realizes how much she was blinded by Kiros. It introduces more about Commander Sugata’s past with his friend Professor Yamaguchi. Takeru episode but mostly Kiros. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I really felt sorry for Ijin’s naskman when he died in here.

I think Inoue does like black rangers a lot huh? I love the episode of Director Sugata and Mayu Kozuki who is really from the underground. The plot involves a bloodsucking leech that could kill the child. The Grotto of the Boy Monster Episode It was real nightmare fuel if you ask me.


The twin girls learn an important lesson not to depend on each other too much. Episode features the Thief Knight Kiros.

You could also try to focus on other major anniversaries for your favorite shows before ends. We know how terrifying Zeba can really be.

Anagbas gets written off as the Maskmen finally got rid of him. Episode 18 The doll episode had a lot of nightmare fuel. Kiros’ lust for Ial.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Zeba turns him into a man named Hikaru. I also felt sorry fro Igam with her continued choice of being blinded and how ,askman was forced to hide her true gender. Hikaari 34 Yes it was a nice episode written by Toshiki Inoue. Episode 25 Another Akira focus episode though Haruka and Momoko get some decent screen time too! Episode Writers’ Analysis Part 2: I really cried when she was beaten up by Kotsuh….

Hikari Sentai Maskman: Top 10 Episodes

And as a result, the ep stood out to me more. Zeba sends Baraba to his death. Episode 42 has a timid boy who suddenly grows strong. I like this episode where Momoko and Akira mature in that show. The Forbidden Tomb Episode For one, most of Soda’s finales are usually intense but he also has a habit of writing bittersweet ones. The episode however ends on a bittersweet note as Momoko gets really thrashed to the point where she is unable to help join her team to pilot the Great Five.


The episode features the challenge between Oyobur vs. Kiros represents lust while Takeru represents love.

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Sentaj 50 shows the final identity of Zeba. The audience knows of Anagbas’ existence but not the Maskmen. Episode 41 is well, Soda using surprises on audiences. Apparently, Fuji kinda loves tragic episodes. Episode 20 is another Momoko episode. Blazing Baraba Episode Episode 13 is yet another of Inoue’s greater works.

I did like how Takeru and the others showed their concern for her. I just love how the episode shows that true strenght comes from within. Kiros’ lack of sense of honor makes him a truly dangerous foe. Episode 49 One of my favorite episodes ever in Maskman. She wants to fight Takeru one on one who is yet aware of the fact that she is a woman.

The Maskmen face the Drill Dobler hikaei one monster without a familiar half which only the God Hand can defeat. I decided to read Nihon Hero and got an interesting tidbit which reveals that Dai Satan might as well be the final boss of the four-part mini-series.

This included her playing with a doll she loved named Mary. The First Step into the Unknown Episode 3.