December 16, on Showtime. Wait til your father gets home. But the fact remains that “Homeland” has made other mistakes in the home stretch of its second season. If he’s alive, in Season 3, we get a Carrie who is not wrecked by his death, a Carrie who can dive right in to the search for the CIA bombers without spinning out into hysterical grief and manic rage. The way Mandy Patinkin said “I’m looking for you,” in that strained voice — those line readings were masterpieces of agonized understatement. Carrie can’t contain a euphoric smile as she flees the scene. The peanut butter and crackers we glimpsed in Season 1 were on the table but no ruler.

Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names. A satisfying, jarring, and uneasy hour of television. The last three episodes of Homeland have been up to par with the standards of Breaking Bad, but without the fluid integration of their primary casts in its culmination There were many confrontations and hard truths spoken, but those are just occasional occurrences for many characters. Brody was going to resign his seat and leave politics; why bother making a show of respect for a man he’d hated and killed? Overall, I dug the finale for putting Homeland back into a place where I think it’s at its strongest:

Finale writers Gansa and Meredith Stiehm even had a bit of fun with us by showing us not only Chekhov’s gun but Chekhov’s high-powered rifle. It simply lacks the thematic cohesion of a Mad Men or Breaking Bad, and it’s prone to narrative messiness.

The Kaddish, as said by Saul, was sepinnwall most respectful and mournful thing to hear in that moment.

And as big of a fan as I am of the star-crossed lovers motif in general, there’s something boring and, well, just plain annoying about Brody and Carrie’s extended scenes together. Why would Brody go to Walden’s service at all? Saeson did change his — maybe?


But aside from that issue, I think the finale generally worked. That seems like the most difficult and miraculous thing of all. Brody’s panicked reaction upsets Jessica even more. Same thing in the scene in which he acknowledged that he needed his wife, Mira, by his side.

Some of the Season 2 developments just occurred for their own sakes or finael order to ram through plot turns.

Is ‘Homeland’ better off when Carrie is stable or unstable?

I never had a problem with him not publicizing his role in killing Walden avenging Issa seems like it would have been enough for a grieving fatherbut I did think that he was too smart not to use the Brody connection for some bigger purpose.

Alan Sepinwall may be reached at sepinwall hitfix. Estes explains to Carrie that one of her assets has resurfaced with vital information, and that he’s asking Carrie to briefly go to Lebanon to find out what the asset knows. How would he not be picked up within hours of leaving the CIA compound? What did everybody else think? There are always unexpected casualties and consequences.

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I’m utterly convinced, from talks with people near the show, that this was the long term plan. Jessica is shocked and angered by the revelation, feeling she’d been lied to by her husband. And the slender reed of credibility is stretched further about when I think of Brody’s existence once he steps out of that sepinwalk. December 16, on Showtime.

Of course, in order to achieve that rebound, ‘The Choice’ had to get outlandish some more, while also giving us a good dose of nice character moments along the way. I will accept a boatload of allegedly implausible things, if doing so makes me care about the characters and their dilemmas more deeply. Or, failing that, she and Virgil will drive around in his van solving mysteries, which is a show I would not in any way object to watching. But ultimately, there were too many other moments that reminded me of all the things I had feared when I first watched that pilot.


Top Chef Power Rankings, Week Brody happily accepts the offer. In a more creatively compromised but still viable world, Brody would have blown himself up and the series would have moved onto Carrie and Saul looking into a new case. Having said that, the show did a masterful job of getting us to lower our guards so that it could unleash one more big surprise on us. The next plea comes from Saul Mandy Patinkin on the phone that night. Patinkin, on the other hand, gave us everything we enjoyed about Saul and more.

Awards and nominations Prisoners of War Rodina P. But there was so much silliness needed to get to this point.

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HitFix ‘s Alan Sepinwall felt Damian Lewis’ performance was particularly strong, and highlighted the confrontation between Brody and Jessica as the best scene of the episode. Not sure why people are bothered.

Saul calling Carrie, knowing she was dead. Tremendous work by all the actors in that scene, as the Brody they thought they knew was revealed as someone else. I have to give ‘The Choice’ credit for chutzpah and tactical smarts.

Where the producers impressed me was how far they were willing to take things. Wait til your father gets home.