But let’s be clear on this: The series as a whole seems much more interested in the love triangle involving Arthur, his bravest knight Leontes Philip Winchester and the beautiful Guinevere Tamsin Egerton than in actually showing the growth of a king. Beavis and Butt-Head are who they’ve always been, for ill or comedically for good. This one’s not working, and it doesn’t matter how many fresh coats of paint or new showrunners they try to slap onto it. Season 1 TV, The only character who really lands is Akerman’s – she’s charming and plays drunk amusingly – but that’s the one who needs to if the show is going to work. It abandons all of Kelley’s strengths, like the legal setting and male bonding, and drowns itself in his weaknesses: Here are comments from a variety of TV critics, writing after viewing this week’s episode, “Game On”:.

I loved seasons 1 and 2 – Season 3 was a mess, as most of the people think, and after Brody died It did not make sense anymore. Hitfix Posted Sep 22, Read full review. The combination of the characters and the style made the whole shebang much easier for me to take than the movie. Hitfix Posted Jan 19, Read full review. Smith’s work in “The Eleventh Hour” showed us exactly what Moffat saw in that audition Does Brody mean what he says to Abu Nazir about wanting to punish the American government by corrupting Walden rather than killing him, or is he just saying that to keep Walker from shooting him?

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Do you agree with the critics who have been complaining about Homeland ‘s decline in quality? Carrie knows Brody and his family so well from her time keeping them under illegal surveillance, and when all else fails she knows that Dana may be the last hope to save the day.

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Most of all, if you want to pull off a twist like this, it should be fun. Where other law shows tend to have one side view the other as the embodiment of evil, here we see that these two are old friends from law school who enjoy the battle of sepinwwall even as they’re convinced they’re on the right side of every fight.

Hitfix Posted Sep 22, Read full review. Written by George R. It took me a while to overcome the “been there, analyzed that” feelings I had in the opening episodes, as Paul and his patients began the familiar dance, wherein they talk about only what they’re comfortable talking about while Paul, like a good detective, tries to solve the mystery of what’s really bothering them.


The female leads are appealing, the world promising and the pilot much more clear-eyed and less compromised in its view of the era than “Playboy Club” is. Hitfix Posted Oct 31, Read full review. However, a few critics feel that this week’s twist actually represents a welcome step in the right direction. Gansa and his writers can claim ‘twist’ when it feels more like ‘gotcha’ to the viewer.

Don’t Trust the B in Apartment Baker has an unforced masculinity that allows him to play likable bastards like this, and with the other regular characters played by Robin Tunney, Owain Yeoman, Tim Kang and Amanda Seasoj so far ciphers at best, he’s able to hkmeland the show by his lonesome. It’s a good cast, and Porter in particular works very well with Bilson. Read More Posted Sep 30, But most of them are prisoners in some way or other, and all of them are surrounded by people who are worldlier, wiser and more ruthless than they are.

Read More Posted Sep 23, It’s that much fun. On average, this seaeon grades 2. And it’s quite a lot of fun. Hitfix Posted Jan 10, Read full review. But it feels emotionally empty in the same way “Third Watch” so often did. Gabriel’s [Holloway] super powers are the thing meant to set the show apart, but the Intelligence writers frequently do a poor job of differentiating how he’s any different from someone wearing Google Glass.

Hitfix Posted Apr 24, Read full review. That critical support carried over into the start of season 2 96but something changed midway through that sophomore year; by the end of last seasoncritics were calling the show “a mess.

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And based on the two episodes I’ve seen, I’m going to be watching “Ugly Betty” every week. Sepinwal Walking Dead is iffy on middles, but great at beginnings and endings, and that was a pretty incredible ending this week, and one that sets up a whole lot of interesting story possibilities. But as we pass the one-third mark of ‘Homeland’ season 3, I’m beginning to fear that we have a show made up of nothing but blind spots.

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Hitfix Posted Jan 7, Read full review. Even though the performances, the writing, directing, etc. Hitfix Posted Jun 28, Read full review.

Last Man Standing Hitfix Posted Sep 21, Read full review. It’s going to get NBC some water cooler talk, and a lot of website hits, but it’s not going to work as a signature “This is why Jay is awesome” clip like I think they were hoping.

Darn it if Justified showrunner Graham Yost and company haven’t found a way to equal–if not top–that bunch [of opponents], while at the same time building on the lessons they learned in the first season. There is definitely an opportunity to lose some viewers who were invested in Brody completely, and an opportunity to gain a episodr new set, by virtue of the fact that a very compelling character is in a very compelling part of the world.

All the color in the margins doesn’t matter if the man at the center of the picture is a bore, which Lyons unfortunately is. A good sitcom is much more likely to have started life with a bad pilot than a good drama, and there are little glimmers in each episode that suggest a much better show could come later.

The ideas behind most of epusode developments are fine, but they get thrown at the seasoj so haphazardly as to require homelajd organ music when each is introduced.

In season two, the strengths of Treme remain strengths, while some of the show’s weaknesses have been much improved. The Kids Are Alright. Season 5 TV, We should know and care enough homsland the main characters that time spent on letting them talk and argue should be as compelling as the moments when the walkers are coming and the guns have come out.

But there is also a national cost.

But the show’s attempts at social relevance ring hollow, and the main plot leans too heavily on the wooden Cibrian. Hitfix Posted Aug 8, Read full review. I remember the disappointment in the averageness of Boardwalk Empire but these last 2 seasons they have got it right.

They stuck the landing, ended this season satisfyingly, while plausibly setting things in motion for season 2.