As legends spread of their vigorous land defense against the Freaks, Company D—as they’re now known—is treated with respect in the region, and Deuce is seen by town elders as more than an impudent girl with deadly combat skills. It almost feels like the real Fade died in the Freak camp, and Deuce freed a doppelganger. I only have a few questions. They’re there, they’re just not fully fleshed out. I have no words for how amazing this book is. Deuce arrives at Soldier Pond, begging for help. How to resolve AdBlock issue?

But I grew to absolutely adore him in this novel, and it sucks seeing the end of him and all the other characters. Horde had some brilliant twists to it and there were a few shock moments that I definitely wasn’t expecting. He cringes when touched, even by Deuce. Aguirre managed to play it off on her really well, and I was always still able to connect to her character. Grab one here and link to YABC! She simply will not give up. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Set aside some time for this one because you won’t want to put it down.

But I grew to absolutely adore him in this novel, and it sucks seeing the end of him and all the other characters. She’s come such a long way since the first book and now she’s such a wonderful young woman, she’s not perfect and she makes mistakes but she has the heart of a lion and she is determined to make a positive difference with her life.

The plot has always intrigued me from the beginning. I know the right ship won and view spoiler [Stalker had to die for all of the horrible things he did hide spoiler ]but a part of still wishes it had ended differently.


A monotone robot whose entire goal was to bore me to tears. You could never, ever, have perfection. She is a good fighter serise, a good leader of men she is not. There are some spoilers, so read at your own risk. View all 6 comments. I found the tone of the prose to be more formal and less active first-person, and ironically But forgetting her comrades who have died would be worse, as she realizes when she seires on one close friend who’s passed away. The Raven Boys Raven Cycle 1.

They can get a second chance. Go on, read the scenes with the two of them again and dare tell me they’re the kind of lines you’d tell your husband or boyfriend.

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This spark of hope was passed through its lineage, creating a group of Freaks not wanting to fight with and kill the humans for no reason. The romance between the two of them was tiring and the dialogue even worse And I am like Thirdly, I am getting really tired of the whole love triangle theme in YA books.


I thought it was slow and boring and I didn’t care one wit for what happened to Deuce and Fade. Dec 15, Anne rated it really liked it. To ask other readers questions about Hordeplease sign up.

He proposes a nonaggression pact: During these instances, it seemed to me that the narration was unsure whether it was first-person or a third-person omniscient, and it would piss me off so razorlane. View all 9 comments.

Any time it happens, I roll my eyes at the pretension. Unless Deuce can lead them.

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It has all of the best bits of the previous Razorland books action, danger that feels real, character growth and subtle, heartwarming feels minus the self-righteous razorlajd running around saying the monsters will eat you if girls wear pants. Stalker was a bad person in the beginning. Now I know that Fade is suffering, and that it’s hard to really get over something that hordee so quickly. Hardcoverpages. She is one of those kick butt chicks that we all so admire.

Deuce has no reason to know these words or sensations.

Why is Deuce saying what Stalker was feeling? Is this the last book in this series? I’m all for strong women, but she was seriously boring.

I can appreciate the author for making the heroine’s journey to unify humans and become a leader being a tough one, but I really don’t like 1 how the grave crisis is solved in the end so very easily, 2 a main character died and it’s so damn predictable, looks like his death is being used as tear-jerker.

I love this story and everything it symbolizes, and I can’t wait to see what else Ann Aguirre has in store for her razorlanr.

Razorland Series

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Fade never seems to completely recover and we see shades of how he was like when Deuce first saw him all those years ago. User reviews 1 reviews Overall rating.