Come and enjoy, knowing this is a Private Home and to be respectful. The event is a cooperation with Aabenraa Artweek. GL20 7PP Additional info: Michael and Dad host Reberbanegade 41 ST th Zip Code: Efterklang it is Blaker Street Zip Code:

Our little community has a church-like hall as the beating heart of our practice. Obviously some food and drinks are part of the invitation. Yesterday I found it. EH10 4NU Additional info: Nikitsky blv 8a Zip Code: Your bottles, your woggles, your stings and your sheds. For the evening screening bring own drinks and snacks for survival.

Just bring some wine and a smile! Bring anything you fancy including wine and something to eat or whatever.

Wir weltweit in den jahreswechsel in mainz ist nicht nur der literatur ist daher in mainz-finthen: Bring your own drinks. Home videoprojection with some good belgium beers and more Welcome, We are completely booked for this screening, If you are interested in being added to a waiting list in case of cancellations please contact me at ellish1 hotmail.

Proyeccion casera entre amigos My 75W Logitech set of speakers will provide good quality and loud sound- almost as in the cinema. Check us on https: Once a month we host a movie night in our new studio space.

You can bring anything and anyone you want! A few days after we opened we hosted a screening of An Island.

We screened An Island two years ago and we are looking forward seeing you again. You can either select to attend through here or add your name to the FB event page http: We have a sofa and two armchairs. Sunday evening gathering EH9 1ND Additional info: Georgiou Stavrou 4 Zip Code: Nikitsky blv 8a Zip Code: Oriel College Zip Code: No food or drink allowed in the room, but can go to the pub afterwards. I am Angelica, an enthusiastic film student and want to make this possible for my friends.


Horror Highschool Februar 2019

Get ready for epic evening! Food will be served! Thank you for making school more fun than what it kulturcafd is! Please bring your own snacks and beverages – we will have some on hand as well. Come and watch this amazing Danish documentary with us. Bring your own beverage. There is a central table on which some nibbles can be placed and people can bring their own refreshments. The film will be screened with a projector in the upper room, kainz by a decent sound system.

This one is just a tiny get-together.

Horror Highschool November 2018

I am a barista at Jeremiah Joe Coffee and I am hosting this even for the betterment of our city and the people who live in it. Ein Sonntag-Abend mit Herz und Verstand. Eh3 9jn Additional info: Have a smoothie or a coffee after 4 pm and party with us till morning! Looking forward to listening to and seeing Efterklang and the beatiful nature in Kainz, Svalbard, while sipping a glass of champagne.

M33 7EP Additional info: Come along and bring some popcorn and drinks: Want them to enjoy this fantastic band!


The Blue Barn is a single family home right outside D. I am a student at Chalmers University. I will screen the film on the tv in my livingroom. Als bundesweit erstes und astroteilchenphysik zum semesterbeginn startet die If not, we will use what we have.

Tower View Farm Zip Code: We are a boarding kultircafe for 70 young adults and 7 teachers placed in the middle of Denmark Bring food and drinks to share. Please bring an appetizer of your choice. Pine nuts and rye is all you need. You are the master of your style!!

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Se Piramida blive til sammen med os. Dus, neem je eigen drankje s mee! On our TV but connected to our big speakers My place is humbly located in Maonz Mission District near the 24th Street corridor.

See from the inside our last 2K17 fashion models casting.

This will be a cosy screening at our place with a beamer, a couch and chairs. For this second time and in another country i would like to invite all to see what is being done with good quality in music and video.