Apparently HSGG had a girlfriend at the time too who dumped him soon after, so it’s not a far reach to conclude they had sex that night. In my opinion, she’s below average for a plat. CLG attended the Riot Season 1 Championship in Sweden in June , placing second in their group and then fifth overall in the tournament. Anyways, I apologize to everyone who we’ve offended. If you’re a girl and making nudes better than this, good job. Not sure if on purpose or just situations change. If you’re a guy, stop fantasising that every girl’s inbox is brimming with awesome nudes waiting to be hacked. That pretty much describes every Lolcow on this board but I’m surprised lilypichuu hasn’t been posted here yet.

Fire and then forfeited their third-place match against JPak and Friends. Tony ” Zikz ” Gray becomes the Strategic Coach. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. We played with eachother for 5 months before we moved in and I enjoyed playing with everyone. He grew up playing games on Nintendo. Gamepedia’s League of Legends Esports wiki covers tournaments, teams, players, and personalities in League of Legends. June 1st, CLG and Azubu are no longer partners. Sorry to hear about your non-pink vag, btw.

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LoL’s New Head Coach clgaming. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

If it is, doubtful it’s an Asian vag. Hate if you want. Who is your favorite awkward below average looking weeaboo girl with daddy issues? May 15th, 2nd Place at Mid-Season Invitational. Curse Academy were given a seed into the Spring Expansion tournament as a result of their participation drams the Promotion Tournament. January 15th, bigfatlp steps down from starting roster to a substitute position; LiNk takes starting mid lane role.

I’ve seen lots of drinking on cam but never any nudity, except for saintbicious John Carnage’s shower show on the Destructoid channel a couple years ago and John actually works for Twitch now… I saw a streamer last night shouting “but what about cleavage?


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Link, dexter, Doublelift, Nientonsoh, Aphromoo. I’ve actually played against Lily twice before. February 5th – Living the Dream: In the quarterfinalsthey lost to Team Impulse and earned 10 Championship Points for the season. Behkuh ended up leaving the party with HSGG.


Instead he hotsnotgg like a massive beta and got wasted and acted like a fool on his stream later that night and began shit talking SaintVicious. Were the changes triggered by some drama I’ve missed?

Gravity finished the spring round robin with a record, in fifth place. Views View View form View source History. Apparently at the NY IEM afterparty a year or two ago another medocre attention whore streamer named Behkuh got drunk and started making out with hotsbotgg bunch of other guys SaintVicious, Dan Dihn, Lapaka, etc. Any other lol girl seems normal in comparison. Jeez maybe I should start getting in this business.

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July 25th, Dardoch leaves and is replaced with OmarGod as the new starter Jungle. This page was last edited on 10 Februaryat You buy a product with their coupon, they get a drwma from waintvicious purchase. If you’re a girl and making nudes better than this, good job. Saintvicious “Just Bunny made me want to play [again]. Btw, lamil did a great job in fucking odd one for some fame which later helped her get a job as a lol hoster.

I personally think he’s an asshole and looks like a douche. Curse was unable to best CLG in the set losingand were sent to relegation to play for their spot back in the Season 4 Spring Promotion. February sintvicious, Michael Schwartz joins as player development coach.

Anyways, I apologize to everyone who we’ve offended. Kelby ” sayocean ” May becomes General Manager. But what do you guys think of the new Twitch terms banning nudity, drinking on cam, etc?


June 7th, 1deag joins as a sub. I have learned a few things about her on a personal level that I somewhat understand why she is the person she is but it doesn’t excuse her from creating a terrible environment to live in.

NA video with Azubu. January 20th, KeNNy u leaves. A lot of things were hidden under the surface. In an all-American quarterfinal, they avenged their US trial championship loss against Dignitas and then bested a Millennium team playing for France before beating Gameburg Teamwho was representing Poland, in the gold medal match. It was embarrassing seeing as though I was the one to apologize to Michael Roud for her behavior. January 14, Saintvicious League of Legends Patch 5.

In terms of something like The Fappening, I would guess that they must have gained access to at least 20 times as many accounts but there was just nothing in them. Normal people though, I get it. Sorry to hear about your non-pink vag, btw. She gets pissed if anyone asks her age or real name Yuri Kim because she claims it “ruins her character”.

I’m talking about bad behaviour, not nudes. Personally I don’t find her a lolcow exactly, but she’s pretty cringey to watch.

First Blood Episode 2: Not sure if on purpose or just situations change. They first faced off against Team Dignitas and even though winning their first game in a dominating fashion, they lost the next ones, losingtherefore having to play CLG for the 5th spot decider.