Care was taken not to separate families, but men from the same village or district or having some other distinctive common attribute were separated to prevent trouble ganging up. Indian men failed to appreciate that emigration and indenture had dramatically restructured the women s positions. Life in the Lines One of the saddest and most depressing sights, if a man has any soul at all, is a coolie line in Fiji. Brenneis reported similar restraint in Holi as he observed it in Vanua Levu in the s: They rejected the more ritualistic aspects of the faith and revered the Vedas as the principal texts of Hinduism. Forty-five thousand of Fiji s indentured labourers were recruited from north India and 15, from the south when recruitment began there in For the southern Indians, neighbouring Malaya and Ceylon were the favoured destinations.

The powerlessness of the coolies made it necessary for them, in order to protect their interests, to form a tightly knit group which, as far as possible, spoke and acted as one united and unanimous body. Moharram was not intrinsically a bhakti ritual, of course, but it resonated easily with the themes of world-disintegrating bhakti. Death warrants were issued and the sentences were carried out. The commission was appointed. The situation was, of course, much more complex. He encouraged me to persevere as we had not finished looking at all the available documents. Furthermore, giving evidence, Heimbrod states that the area between Yaro s house and the two tracks was covered with thick bush and a person standing even 40 metres towards the tracks from Yaro s house could hardly have seen anyone on either track at dusk. Was this the end of my journey?

Jan Borrie s critical eye has improved the book s readability immeasurably. The official judgments about when to inquire into and prosecute in cases of violence against Indians were directed largely by worry about exciting the Indians. Good and bad news awaited me. Starplajer realising that he should do his duty, and trust in God to take care of his epiosde, he was saved from starvation, despair and suicide.

The Governor s authority is paramount in the Colony and he will deal severely with any person who attempts to undermine it or holds out to Indians false expectations of what they may gain by persisting in extravagant demands. I am delighted in niggling middle-age to include in the collection representatives of a younger generation who were school-age children, not much more, when the centenary celebrations took place in Among them episide Indo-Fijians living in Fiji and in the diaspora as well as outsiders who have become honoured insiders through their enduring cross-cultural relationships, deep cultural affinity and imaginative sympathy.


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Fiji, she wrote, was a multiracial country, and will remain so. Ian Templeman, my publisher, works miracles when it comes to coaxing creative things from people who never thought they had any. I went to ask. We must stay here and die here. They are about personal journeys and transformations, chance encounters, individual discoveries, private moments, unexpected revelations as well as overarching themes and concerns that touch some aspect of the community s life but which, as a general rule, do not find a place in conventional historical narratives.

The girl must have noticed my distress; she went away and returned with a book. Eppisode lot of what is known is supposed to have come from Bahraichi himself.

Hindsight should not hound history nor the present prosecute the past. But Holi, the Tazia and the dramatic Ram Lilas effloresced in the staplayer decades of indenture, when there was more Indian money to sponsor the expenses and a larger free population to join in with those still indentured. Quite unlike the Ram Lilas of later days, such as those I saw and heard about in Fiji inthe Ram Lilas of early last century climaxed around the destruction of giant effigies of the demon-king Stqrplayer.

Goodbye to Paradise Vijendra Kumar On the 10th of Mohurram 61 AH 10 October,Hussain, the son of Ali and the grandson of the Prophet, was killed in a skirmish between government troops and a small body of supporters accompanying him to Kufa in Iraq, where his followers had invited him to lead them in a revolt against the Ummayyad caliphs of Damascus.

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Bahraichi passed this way today, people, especially women, would tell one another relieved that a potential danger had passed. Maarit Brij V.

Although the absolute truth of the murder of Ramsamujh will never be known, there is still doubt as to whether the sttarplayer people hanged were guilty of murder or not. I also extracted the emigration passes of the murdered man, his father and his eplsode. Where are you going? In time, western Viti Levu would claim the largest concentration of Indo-Fijians. These occurred when Muslims slaughtered cattle in the vicinity of Hindu homes or when.


It had started to rain and, as I sat at the desk, I felt tired and disheartened. Religious Belief and Social Change. People now talked even less about him.

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An element of shame and secrecy surrounded animal sacrifice. It was getting dark.

I had already obtained copies of the four emigration passes, now I requested a photocopy of the newspaper article. These were certainly the values they nurtured in Fiji and other colonies. The other significant group of free migrants was Sikhs from the Punjab Jullundar, Hoshiarpur, Ludhianawho excelled in agriculture. We talk wistfully about what might have been, why and how things turned out the way they did, the role we might have played in shaping our destiny.

Origins starplayre a Journey The introduction of Indian indentured labour into Fiji in was a direct result of the cession of the islands to Queen Victoria five years earlier. I walked towards the old parliament building in search of the National Archives, only to be told by a civil servant that I was headed in the wrong direction.

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The festival petered out as the old-timers passed away, other forms of entertainment reached the people, and the Sunni orthodoxy asserted its dominance. None of the recorded girmitiya descriptions describes its practice in indenture Fiji in great detail. From their local sub-depots, the recruits who had passed medical tests and interrogation by officials were taken to the ports of embarkation.

Bahraichi makes a quick exit.