Responsibility is very important to her, and she likes to solve everything herself. He has the ability to revive dead project proposals. The relationship between her and Shin are not specified but it just simply says “feelings left for him”. Yoon Hee is a person that when she sees someone doing something wrong, she will follow that person until that person apologizes. Filming for “Beautiful Man” begins late July, Embed this content in your HTML. He hates himself for failing to protect them, and suspects everyone of being a potential foe.

Baek Il Mong With each country giving conflicting reports on what happened, the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission NNSC is asked to send in a Swiss military officer to conduct an investigation. All subtitles will be released first on their site. Wednesday – Thursday; Lee Byung-hun plays three roles in the film: Production has resumed with director Jo Keun-Hyun now directing the film.

Im guessing they haven’t still chosen a particular picture of that character but that’s supposed to be the father of Kyuwon called Lee Sunki.

Choi Won, a doctor is framed for murder, but he manages to avoid capture. Although he has been friends with Seung Mi for a really long time, he doesn’t know that Eun Sung is her step-sister as Eun Sung has been in states studying.

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A spoilt and immature chaebol heiress, and can be seen as the Korean version of Paris Hilton. Do not request for videos either. The eng-subs will ‘cover over’ the chi-subs for sure I tried and taught this before. The film has won more or less unanimous praise from every sector of Korean society, with one exception: Vacuum coated was largest product segment in owing to its consistent reflecting and high reflectivity coupled dramacrazt impressive looks.


September 26, to March 7, Timeslot: I found a MV for the version. You have already reported this download. Found You – Yuchun, Jejung, Junsu Many expected Joint Security Area or JSA to do well at the box office, given the current level of interest in North Korean affairs, but it has done much more than that, spawning headlines and breaking box-office records with ease.

Why do the evil people get away with their crimes, repeatedly? It is the story of a father cannot afford to die, because he must ensure the safety of his child.

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But he still falls in love with Eun Sung through their constant fighting and is constantly ‘defeated’ by her. Yoo Seung Ho portrays a two-faced character on Missing You.

He tries to save his daughter who has an incurable disease. All subtitles will be released first on their site.

But her step-mom, Baek Yead Hee Kim Mi Sook took away all her properities upon the death of her father in a case of mistaken identity and forced her to fend for herself while raising her real daughter ‘Seung Mi’ Moon Chae Won with great care.

Han Jeong hwan Screenwriter: I used iLivid before.


He cares little for what goes on at work. The editing fuction of the forum has already been fixed so you can edit your posts instead of repeating postings thinking that you can’t. The anime ran in and had 25 episodes.

Hundred Year Inheritance

Go directly to the aja-aja site if you want to download anything. Go Hyun Jung Supporting Cast: She recalls teaching the boy how to wait patiently before a meal, how to wear clothes, how to speak, how to write and other human behaviors so that he could one day live like a normal man. Pursuit Of A Tragedy Playlist 1 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. Within a locked room in the barn lives a wild boy Song Joong-Ki. Link to the post is HERE. This part also contains a large number of scenes in English, which may have to be redubbed if the film opens in English-speaking territories.

In the middle of them, his mother was there. Yoon-Joo Han Hyo-Joo takes a test to join the team. However, two of her guys in a romantic entanglement with Go Dok Mi? Comic book series consists of 17 volumes. Script Reading Press Conference pictures p.

Destiny, the second story Will you marry me? I do love you though.