In an extended sequence on the DVD version of this episode, Ned refuses to explain Planned Parenthood to the boys because he is busy writing down doctors’ names being listed on the screen. Written by Matt Selman. Yeardley Smith Lisa Simpson. Homer begins to suspect that Bart is gay. But mostly, as my wife reminds me, it’s funny. Kurtzman Supreme Court decisions banning school board—drafted prayers and prohibiting religion’s promotion in public schools.

If the amount of commentary on religion in The Simpsons is any indicator, there is significant interest in explaining religion’s portrayal in the program. Written by Dan McGrath. Under her care, the disgruntled Bart nearly kills himself. As the production team can hear a single joke repeated dozens of times over the course of bringing an episode to air, only those that persistently resonate with the group will survive. Directed by Mike Anderson. For Hyers, the laughter of paradise regained takes us beyond ridicule to something healing and wholesome.

Meyer is the undisputed king of The Simpsons ‘ writing room—even though he is now more distanced from the program he has helped craft since the show began. Directed by Steven Dean Moore.

The Simpsons

The above examples point out symbolic identity markers that different evangelical groups have projected into American consciousness. Some authors write specifically for a Christian audience. Nancy Cartwright Bart Simpson.

That said, we should not infer that there is a great moral conundrum or message hurriczne presented in Ned’s witty saying. Originally Aired October 7. No Loan Again, Naturally.

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A destructive prank gets Bart sent to a military school. To accomplish this, we need an understanding of the relationship between religion and humor.

Homer becomes concerned that his own marriage is in trouble, but breathes easier when Marge agrees to renew their vows. After a lull in political engagement into the s, evangelicals were drawn back into the public square because of church and state issues regarding prayer in public schools and the landmark Roe v. Those personalities, and the shared cultural assumptions about hugricane that exist among the writers, are born of people such as Groening and Meyer who view authority, blind faith, and obedience with suspicion.


The School Assembly as Evangelical Revival. While The Simpsons is not a humorous product produced within a religious tradition, the fact that The Gospel According to The Simpsons has become a bestseller used in Christian small groups across the English-speaking world speaks to the fact that the program’s humor resonates with a variety of religious people who use it for their spiritual development Bowler ; Pinsky and Parvin ; O. To accomplish this task, I first explain why aatch should hyrricane The Simpsons as data; I then outline the religious theories of humor which have been put forward within the study of religion.

Wade decision legalizing abortion. Written by George Meyer. Under this model, religious humor from within the world’s traditions is treated as having a revelatory effect. There was an error onlone your review.

With this in mind nedd as a way of addressing larger issues about mass-mediated religious satire in a more critical light, this article examines journalist Mark Pinsky’s concluding assertion in his bestseller The Gospel According to the Simpsons. Pinsky, emphasizing the good in religion that The Simpsons supports, focuses on these aspects of Ned’s personality.

Furthermore, these studies of the jokes become less about the cultural patterns they contain and more about how people interpret them. First, studies such as Alters and Gray demonstrate that small-scale studies of Simpsons fans show a wide variety of interpretations of the program.

In an extended sequence on the DVD version of this episode, Ned refuses to explain Planned Parenthood to the boys because he is busy writing down doctors’ names being listed on the screen. The Simpsons ‘ portrayal of religion in America has been used to illustrate everything from the revelation of God’s grace Dark to religion’s failure in the face of science Delaney To rate and review, sign in.


Directed by Mike Anderson.

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Directed by Matthew Nastuk. Written by David Richardson. In Marge We Trust. But this contributes to a political discourse in cargoons evangelicals are seen as negative contributors to American public life and does little to pose an alternative to the already tense political—religious relationships which continue to divide American politics.

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It bites the hand that feeds it, subverting the cultural patterns we have already absorbed and which maintain the status quo. Homer’s friendship, however, quickly becomes overbearing. The Mysterious Voyage of Our Homer. Ned wants to be a good neighbor, but ends up lying to Homer to get some time with his family.

In the Eye of the Animal: Buy season pass and get all current and future episodes of season 8. The Flanders home and family are also caricatures of American evangelicals. David Dark, an evangelical commentator on popular culture, writes that the program exposes everybody’s frailties and makes us more compassionate as a resulta position with which historian Gerry Bowler agrees.

Among these commentators, the program’s humor is treated as both positive and critical, reifying what they see as good in society—the family, compassion, critical engagement with conservative social issues that are stalling the country’s progress—and emphasizing the flaws of those who think differently.

Directed by Chuck Sheetz. However, this did not last long, as less conservative evangelicals started actively engaging the culture at large in the early s, starting with the National Association of Evangelicals’ NAE founding in St.